Single tracks in Poland “Okole” and “Okole zjazd”, the village of Lubiechowa, 13 km from Villa Greta.

  • Forest car park at the mountain pass over the village of Lubiechowa

    between the villages Lubiechowa and Chrosnica (1km from Lubiechowa)
    Lubiechowa, 59-540 Świerzawa

Single-track Okole directions

Single track Okole

Single track Okole and Okole Zjazd

Single tracks “Okole” and “Okole Zjazd”, the Katshava Mountains – information

  • according to the author of this guide, it is the most interesting track among all the Katshavian single tracks
  • the majority of the track goes through the old forest
  • I recommend riding around the sunset (sunrise), it’s amazing :-)
  • start at the free car park NAVIGATE TO THE CAR PARK
  • length of tracks:
    – single track “Okole” – 10 km
    – single track “Okole Zjazd” – 1,2 km
    – version 2 tracks at once – approx. 17,5 km
  • elevation differences:
    – single track “Okole” – climbs 374 m, descends 374 m
    – single track “Okole Zjazd” – climbs 89 m, descends 27 m
  • degree of difficulty:
    – “Okole” – medium
    – “Okole Zjazd” – medium
  • interesting spots along the track:
    viewing terrace at the top of Okole Mt. (created in 2018), at the 6th km of track “Okole”
    – note: the viewing point does not lie directly on the track
    – to reach the top of Okole Mt. you should turn into the blue trail at the place where the climb to the highest point of the track starts (there is a micro meadow, you can see a picture of this place below)
    – it is approx. 200 m to the viewing terrace from here. You simply cannot miss the climb to the viewing terrace!
  • guests of Villa Greta receive a free map with Katshavian single tracks (for as long as the stock lasts)
  • Katshavian single tracks are available from early spring till late autumn, when there is still/already thick layer of snow on tracks in Swieradow
  • GPX map of track “Okole” – available through cycling applications
  • GPX map of track “Okole Zjazd” – available through cycling applications

Single track – from the perspective of a professional cyclist

  • PROS
    – super track, great pleasure. Quite demanding descends! (Marcin)
    – the greatest attraction is the viewing point with a viewing terrace at the top of Okole Mt.
    – track Okole is a single track at the highest elevation in the Katshava Mountains
  • CONS
    – it is not recommended for a family trip with little children (track “Gozdno 1” would be better for a start), unless your children like climbs :-)
    – I guess track “Okole Zjazd” is prepared for advanced cyclists, for whom 10km-long track is too short, the short descend forces the long climb along the track which you already rode a while ago


Most interesting single track Poland

The trail goes mostly through the old forest. Sometimes, it is spruce forest, sometimes – beech forest. It’s magical on the trail.

Biking trail on Okole Mt.

The trail is well maintained. Or maybe for extreme riders, it could have slightly more compacted bank turns on the way down.

Way to the viewing point on the Okole Mt.

The place from which you should turn to the blue trail to reach the viewing terrace at the top of Okole Mt. (approx. 200 m).

Trail to viewing point on Okole Mt.

The trail leading to the viewing terrace, the final 50m.

View from Okole Mt.

The viewing terrace at the top of Okole Mt. The green meadow is Ski Arena Łysa Góra, and over the horizon, you can see the Giant Mountains with Sniezka.

Pillow lavas on Okole Mt.

Along the way, we pass the remnants of lava which extruded on the bottom of the primeval ocean – pillow lavas.

Car park single track Okole

The car park is located directly at the poviat road between Lubiechowa – Chrosnica.

Okole - Katshava mountains single tracks

On the trails, you will find several places with beautiful views.

Viewing point Okole

At the top of Okole Mt., there is a great viewing point.

Single tracks Okole Poland

The trail was qualified by the specialists from Pomba as “medium”.

Single track Polish mountains

On the trail, there are several dozen profiled turns.

Single track in Poland

The majority of the trail goes along the spruce forest. Single track in Poland.

Poland best single tracks

Single track “Okole”

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