Single tracks “Gozdno 1” and “Gozdno 2”, the village of Gozdno, 8 km from Villa Greta.

  • The bike parking between the town of Swierzawa and the village of Gozdno

    when you go from Swierzawa, it is on the left side of the road, at the edge of the forest
    Gozdno, 59-540 Swierzawa

Single track Gozdno

Single tracks Polish mountains

Single tracks “Gozdno 1” and “Gozdno 2”

Single tracks “Gozdno 1” and “Gozdno 2”, the Katshava Foothills – information

  • start from the free car park NAVIGATE TO CAR PARK
  • the length of tracks:
    – single track “Gozdno 1” – 11 km
    – single track “Gozdno 2” – 3,5 km
    – version 2 tracks at once – approx. 13,5 km
  • elevation differences:
    – single track “Gozdno 1” – climbs 315 m, descends 315 m
    – single track “Gozdno 2” – climbs 187 m, descends 137 m
  • the degree of difficulty:
    – “Gozdno 1” – easy
    – “Gozdno 2” – medium
  • interesting spots along the track:
    observation tower at the top of Zawadna Mt. (created in 2018), 3 km of track “Gozdno 1”
  • guests of Villa Greta receive a free map with Katshavian single tracks (for as long as the stock lasts)
  • Katshavian single tracks are available from early spring till late autumn, when there is still/already thick layer of snow on tracks in Swieradow
  • GPX map of track “Gozdno 1” – available through cycling applications
  • GPX map of track “Gozdno 2” – available through cycling applications

Single track – from the perspective of a professional cyclist

  • PROS
    – track “Gozdno 1” is most attractive and best prepared
    – you can see this particularly during weekends by the number of cyclists
    – the track is well-thought-out, you can feel the so-called flow when you ride a bike on it
    – it is not demanding, although there are several more difficult elements (profiled turns and steep descends)
    – accessible to children who know how to ride a bike
    – the biggest attraction is the observation tower at Zawodna hill
    – the loop “Gozdno 2” is more demanding because of the difficult climb
  • CONS
    – tracks are sometimes blocked by fallen trees
    – in general, tracks lose their attractiveness due to deforestation
    – there are spots destroyed by the equipment during deforestation


Car park single track Gozdno

The car park near the village of Gozdno. It is only 800 m to the observation tower at Zawadna hill, where the single track starts.

Family-friendly single track Poland

Single track “Gozdno 1” is family-friendly.

Single track Gozdno

Tracks are well marked.

Katshavian single tracks

Katshavian single tracks. The view from the observation tower at Zawadna hill. The track goes at the foot of the tower. On the horizon, you can see the icon of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

Single track Poland

Track “Gozdno 1” is the most children-friendly.

Single track “Gozdno 1” –  summer 2018

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