Skalnik Mt. – the highest peak in the Rudawy Mountains.

  • Forest car park

    near the house at Czarnów 13
    58-400 Kamienna Góra

Skalnik Mt. - directions to car park

Skalnik Rudawy Mountains

The view from Mala Ostra Mt. – the viewing point near Skalnik. The panorama with Sokoliki, the Katshava Mountains with Okole Mt., Grodziec Castle


  • the starting point for climbing up Skalnik Mt. is the car park in Czarnow
  • time needed to climb up the peak is about 1h, with children 1.5h
  • it is possible to climb down on different trails (this will take another hour)
  • on your way to Skalnik Mt., it is worth visiting the viewing point at Mala Ostra Mt.
  • the highest peak of the Rudawy Mountains is located in the middle of the forest, you cannot see anything from this peak
  • on the mountain top, there is a box with a stamp confirming climbing up the mountain – it is for people collecting stamps in the Crown of Polish Mountains booklet
  • it is worth to see basalt-stone run near the peak (navigation in your phone may prove useful here)
  • you can eat lots of bilberries and lingonberries in the Rudawy Mountains :-)


Skalnik Mt - how to reach

There is a blue trail leading to the peak of Skalnik Mt. The climb up takes about 1h.

Skalnik Mt. - viewing point

Near the peak, there is a great viewing point at Mala Ostra Mt. Remember that you cannot see anything from the peak of Skalnik Mt. It is so densely forested.

Skalnik Mt. in Rudawy Mountains

At the top. Skalnik Mt. is overgrown with forest.

Stamp Skalnik Mt.

The box with a stamp for the Crown of Polish Mountains booklet is located about 10m from the tourist trail.

Stone run in Rudawy Mountains

About 10 minutes from Skalnik Mt., there is a beautiful granite-stone run. It is worth seeing. In the background, the Giant Mountains with Sniezka.

In Rudawy Mountains Poland

In summer, in the upper parts of the Rudawy Mountains, you will find lots of bilberries and lingonberries. They taste great.

Rudawy Mountains - Skalnik Mt. Poland

The view to the stone run of the Rudawy Mountains and viewing point at Mala Ostra Mt. Half-way between these rocky points, there is Skalnik Mt. – the highest mountain in the Rudawy Mountains.


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