Ski slope in 2019 is closed

Ski Arena Lysa Gora – downhill skiing.
Ski School AESCULAP – skiing lessons.

Łysa Góra directions

Łysa Mt. - ski slope map

Ski Arena Łysa Góra is located between Dziwiszów and Podgórki in the Katshava Mountains near Jelenia Góra. 


  • the slope is located at a distance of 13,5 km from Villa Greta (a 15 minute long drive)
  • there are 4 ski lifts and 3 ski slopes, each about 1000m long
  • the variety of ski slopes guarantees great fun for both experienced and novice skiers
  • slopes of Łysa Góra are well maintained and well lit, thanks to which you can ski at night
  • there are: a free car park, 3 bars, Winnie the Pooh Hut – “shelter” for children who are cold, ski equipment rental, ski-service and skiing school – Sudetic Sports Club Aesculap
  • the current skiing conditions (pl) at Łysa Mt. (on-line cameras)





Ski lessons Poland

Łysa Mt. in the Katshava Mountains – 14 km from Villa Greta.

Ski lessons - Ski Arena Łysa Góra

Ski Arena Łysa Góra.

Łysą Mt. directions

The slope of Łysa Mt. is well-maintained and well-lit.

Sledging in Poland

Sledging hill on Łysa Mt. See the sledging hill next to Villa Greta restaurant.

Winter sports in Poland

Signpost leading to Ski-Arena Łysa Góra.

Skiing lessons Polish mountains

Łysa Mt. is a great place for skiing lessons.

Great skiing conditions Poland

Łysa Mt. – the view from Dobków. The picture was taken 300m from Villa Greta.

Where to go skiing Poland

At Łysa Mt.

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