Sokoliki – the Mecca of rock climbers and great viewing point in the Rudawy Mountains.

  • The car park at Karpnicka Pass
    about 1h long walk to Bolczów Castle
    the pass between villages of Karpniki and Trzcińsko
    58 – 520 Janowice Wielkie

Sokoliki, directions, visiting

Attractions Rudawy Mountains

The view from Sokoliki to Krzyżna Mt., the main range of the Rudawy Mountains and the Giant Mountains with Śnieżka.


  • you can get to Sokoliki in two ways:
    • leave your car at Karpnicka Pass NAVIGATE TO THE PASS, the car park is paid during the season, a walk takes about 40 min. in one direction, at this opportunity, you can visit Szwajcarka Chalet, the highest peak of the Rudawy Mountains – Skalnik (945 m above the sea level) and Bolczów Castle
    • leave your car at Szwajcarka Chalet NAVIGATE TO SZWAJCARKA CHALET, the car park is paid, it is closer to Sokoliki and Krzyżna Mt. (the second peak of the Sokoliki with remnants of the Medieval fortress), but it is further away from Bolczów Castle
    • you can get to the climbing base from the village of Karpniki, that is from the other side of the Falcon Mountains


  • walking the trail from Karpnicka Pass to the peak of Sokolik Wielki takes about 45 minutes, and from Szwajcarka Chalet – about 30 minutes
  • there is a mountain tourist trail leading to the peak, small children can finish the trail at their parent’s piggyback :-)
  • we do not recommend going for this trip with a pram or pushchair
  • from Sokoliki you can admire the great 360° view to the Valley of Bóbr River, Jelenia Góra Valley, the Giant Mountains and the Katshava Mountains
  • the nearby attractions: the historical Szwajcarka Chalet, Krzyżna Mt. with remnants of the fortress, Bolczów Castle, mysterious Miedzianka with the mini-brewery and Colourful Lakelets
  • the attractive steel stairs mounted to the rock and the viewing platform at the top of Sokolik Wielki
  • you can observe rock climbers


Rock climbing Polish Mountains

In Rudawy, you can almost always meet rock climbers.

Rock climbing Poland

It is where we have one of the best climbing schools in Poland.

Sokoliki - directions

Behind Szwajcarka Chalet. You can see Sokoliki in the right upper corner – the target of the expedition.

Falcon Mountains Poland

On the way to Sokoliki.

Trail to Sokoliki

The last climb up.

Attractions of Rudawy Mountains

The entrance to the viewing platform.

Szwajcarka Chalet Poland

The historical chalet Szwajcarka.

Rudawy Mountains Sokoliki

The view from Sokolik Wielki to Krzyżna Mt. and the Giant Mountains.

Directions to Sokoliki

The view from Sokoliki to the Katshava Mountains. You can also see the Valley of Bóbr River.

Sokolik Wielki Poland

Sokolik Wielki in all its magnificence.

Sokoliki Poland climbing

View from Krzyżna Mt.


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