St Giles Church in Dobkow.

Church in Dobków

Church in Dobkow

The church in Dobków is located in the central part of the village. On the horizon, you can see the extinct volcano – Czartowska Skała.


  • is possible after the prior arrangement


  • the church in Dobków was mentioned already in 1399
  • the current shape is the result of extensive adaptations in the Baroque style, which took place in 1735
  • there are many interesting elements inside the church, among which are the most precious: beautifully decorated stone baptismal font from the second half of the 17th century and the Gothic Pieta from the 16th century
  • you should take a look at the Baroque altars and statues of saints and also at the old church pews on emporas which survived intact


  • 5 PLN/person with at least 4 people
  • in the case of 2 people visiting the church, the price for the entrance is 10 PLN/person
  • the price does not include a guide
  • the whole donation is intended for the renovation of the church


  • all Sundays at 10:45 a.m.


Holy mass at church in Dobków

St Giles Church in Dobków. It is the filial church of the parish of Lipa. It is open only for the holy mass. On request, it is possible to open the church at other times.

Church in Dobków

Before the entrance gate to the church.

Holy mass in Dobków

The church is surrounded by a wall, which remembers the Medieval times.

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