The Sudetic Geoscience Centre – modern, interactive Science Centre – 500m from Villa Greta

Centrum Edukacji - dojazd

Sudetic Geoscience Centre – A SHORT VIDEO


  • individual guests – see the offer! (pl)
    Monday: closed
    Tuesday – Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm
  • school groups – see the offer! (pl)
  • last admission 30 minutes before closing the centre
  • on every Saturday and Sunday, admission with a guide at 12 am
  • admission with a guide at different time can be arranged by phone


  • admission with a guide 25 zł / 6 €
  • family ticket 80 zł / 19 €
  • visiting time about 1,25 h
  • admission and independent visiting is free (without a guide, you need to have broad knowledge to achieve the educational goal)
  • offer for organised groups (pl)


  • CREATIVE SUMMER HOLIDAYS (pl) – the plan of open creative workshops in the Extinct Volcanoes Land
  • EDUCATIONAL OFFER (pl) for kindergartens, schools and secondary schools
  • Sudetic Geoscience Centre provides a number of workshops for groups from schools, kindergartens, companies, universities and groups of friends


Co zobaczyć z dziećmi na Dolnym Ślasku

At the Sudetic Geoscience Centre, you will learn how continents were formed and where on the Earth you can see lava.

Najciekawsza atrakcja Dolnego Śląska

The Sudetic Geoscience Centre provides modern, interactive education in the Lower Silesia

Trzęsienie ziemi w Polsce

The biggest platform in Poland which imitates the earthquake!

Pokaz wybuchu wulkanu w Dobkowie

The demonstration of volcanic eruption at the Sudetic Geoscience Centre.

Gdzie na wycieczkę szkolną na Dolnym Ślasku

The workshops often include a bonfire with sausages

Płukanie złota w Sudeckiej Zagrodzie

Gold panning


The Farmstead combines the image, the smoke, the architecture, the highest quality sound and education delivered by people who love what they do!

Góry Kaczawskie

The Interactive Model of the Katshava Mountains and Foothills region.

Wulkany w Polsce

Are there any volcanoes in Poland? Come, you will see not only on models!

Tablica edukacyjna

And this is how a regular wall became a board with plenty of information!

Otwarcie Zagrody Edukacyjnej

The opening ceremony of the Centre. August 2015.

Wycieczka szkolna Dolny Śląsk

How Ostrzyca – the Fujiyama of the Lower Silesia was formed

Centrum Nauki o Ziemi Dolny Śląsk

Where do geysers come from?

Wartościowa wycieczka szkolna

Why houses must not be built in floodplains? Maybe local authorities will finally learn this. And why bottoms of mountain rivers must not be covered with concrete by the sad example of the Bukownica riverbed in Dobków

Ciekawa wycieczka szkolna

The visit to the Centre is best summarised by the quiz with two levels of difficulty.

Plac zabaw w Sudeckiej Zagrodzie

And something for brain relaxation :-)


  • the Sudetic Geoscience Centre was created thanks to the ideas, great commitment and social work of many people from the whole Poland
  • it is managed by the Katshava Association (pl)
  • we need your support for the further development!
  • we kindly ask you for donating 1% of your income tax for the purpose of educating children, teenagers and adults
  • KRS number of the Katshava Association 0000134817

Zagroda przed remontem

The Sudetic Geoscience Centre before the renovation.

Stara obora

Today, the Earth Room is where the former cowshed used to be.

Przedwojenna kuchnia

The black kitchen was only refreshed. All the elements from 150 years ago remained at their place.


The house before the refurbishment :-)

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