• Church of Peace in Swidnica with a park – a monument in the UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list
  • the historical Market Square – the second in terms of value in the Lower Silesia (after Wroclaw)
  • St Stanislaus and St Wenceslaus Cathedral, visiting the cathedral with a guide:
    – every day from 10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.
    – contact details: +48 720 101 606
  • Museum of Old Trade (pl)
  • one of more interesting “antiques fair” in Poland, on every first Sunday of the month, see dates of antiques fairs in other Lower Silesia towns

Swidnica - antiques fair

On every first Sunday of the month, at the Old Town Market Square, there is one of greater attractions in the Lower Silesia – the antiques fair.

Swidnica – one of more beautiful towns in the Lower Silesia.

Swidnica, attractions


Town Hall in Swidnica

The Town Hall in Świdnica / Schweidnitz.

Cathedral in Swidnica

The St Stanislaus and St Wenceslaus Cathedral – the highest church tower in the Silesia.

Museum Swidnica

The interior of a colonial shop at the Museum of Old Trade.


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  1. EUGENIA CID says:

    Es una ciudad muy bella, con su espléndida catedral, en el video se observa los lugares principales…muy buen video


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