Szwajcarka Chalet – the oldest one in the Rudawy Mountains.

Szwajcarka, contact details, directions

Szwajcarka Chalet in PolandSzwajcarka Chalet.


  • open all year round
  • the buffet is open every day from 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.


  • Szwajcarka is the only completely wooden historical chalet in the Sudetes
  • it was built in Tirol style in 1823
  • the chalet offers accommodation for 27 people (two-bed room, four-bed room and multi-bed room) plus unheated cottage and a camp side
  • there is a buffer with hot simple dishes on the spot
  • Szwajcarka is a good place for a short break before reaching Sokoliki and Krzyżna Mountain. It is a good starting point for visiting Bolczów Castle


  • car park 5 PLN (without parking time limits) / 1,25 €
  • accommodation 15 – 27 PLN/person / 4 – 7 € (take your sleeping bags, there are no bed linens available for guests at the chalet)
  • campsite 11 PLN/person / 3 €
  • shower 2 PLN/person / 0,5 € with bathing time limit 3 – 5 minutes/person (a problem with the amount of available water)


  • while driving from Janowice you should pass Karpnicka Pass and after about 300m turn sharp right. The gravel road will lead you to the chalet.


Chalet in Polish mountains

In Szwajcarka, there are Spartan conditions, but you can buy simple meals and something to drink.

Horse rides in Polish mountains

There is a well-known horse trail next to the chalet.

Polish mountain chalet

Inside the chalet. The chalet offers accommodation for up to over a dozen guests.


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