Vang church – wooden protestant church built without nails.

Vang church Karpacz directions

Vang church

Vang church – the view to the historic organs. There are often concerts held in the church.


  • 15 April – 31 October
    9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • 1 November – 14 April
    9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    1. on Sundays and holidays at 10 a.m., there is a service held in the church, participation of tourists is welcome; however, after the service has started, late guests are not allowed to enter the church
    visiting the church is possible after 11:30 a.m.
    2. on Saturdays, it is possible that a part of the church is unavailable for visiting due to the performed wedding ceremonies


  • Vang church is primarily church (of the Lutheran confession)
  • due to the exceptionality of the church at European scale, the parish made the object available for visiting, the proper dress is necessary
  • playing the history of the church in the following languages: pl, cz, de, fr, nl, ru is possible for groups of minimum 10 people, the audio recording lasts 12 minutes
  • there is much chaos concerning car parks in Karpacz, different car parks have different prices, it’s a good idea to ask for prices at car parks
  • NAVIGATE to the car park at ul. Spokojna 1 recommended by parishioners, it is only 15 minute-long walk to the church from this car park
  • the exceptional history of Vang church
  • there is a rental of equipment for bedridden patients at Vang church, for which the parishioners deserve our great respect


  • normal ticket 6 PLN / 1,5 €
  • reduced ticket 5 PLN / 1,25 €
  • admission to the area around the church 1 PLN / 0,25 €


  • Sundays
    10 a.m.
  • holidays



Vang church in winter.

Vang church Poland

A short history of the church.

Altar in Vang church

The altar in Vang church.

Vang architecture

The internal door, through which you enter the church is decorated with a tangle of snakes and plants.

Visiting Vang church

The upper parts of columns, the so-called capitals, carved in the 12th century in Byzantine style are pieces of art. They are decorated with figures of animals, plants and mascarones.

Visiting Vang church Poland

The church is surrounded by the cloister, which served as the isolation against the cold, it was the place of penance. It was also where weapons and nets were left.

Ryszard Zając - The resurrection of Lazarus

The sculpture presenting the resurrection of Lazarus, made by Ryszard Zając.


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