The viewing point “Three Volcanism Periods” – were there any active volcanoes in Poland?

  • The viewing point "Three Volcanism Periods"

    100m behind Zorza Poranna guesthouse
    Dobków 42
    59-540 Świerzawa

Viewing point Dobków directions

Volcanoes in Poland

At the viewing point, there is a board which tells about volcanoes in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes in an easily accessible way.



Polish volcanoes

The viewing point offers a panorama to volcanoes of three geological periods. The picture presents the young Ostrzyca Mt. (about 10 million years old) and Sokołowskie Hills (to the left from Ostrzyca Mt., a volcano which smoke was coming out of about 250 million years ago)…

Volcanoes in Poland?

On the other side of the horizon, the Eastern Range of the Katshava Mountains – the oldest volcanoes aged about 500 million years.

Paleozoic volcanoes in Poland

… and Okole Mt. – the volcano which erupted underwater 500 million years ago.

Viewing point in Dobków

You can see also the village of Dobków and Villa Greta (ahead of you) against the background of the Katshava Mountains.

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