Voucher – the original gift

  • for stay (for a specified number of days or for specified value)
  • to our restaurant (for specified value or a number of people)
    • vouchers can be ordered by e-mail, for this, providing the name/surname of a person who will receive the gift is necessary
    • after the selection of the voucher type and its content, we will send a confirmation of the acceptance of the order with a request to pay the value of the gift card within 7 days from the date of the order
  • after the payment is credited to our account, we will send the voucher in the *.pdf file to the indicated e-mail address
  • any number of corrections to the content of the sent document is possible

Possible vouchers

  • voucher for stay 1
    accommodation in a 2-person room, rooms gallery
    breakfast from regional products for 2 people
    dinner at our slow-food restaurant for 2 people
    390 PLN or 96 € / 1 night stay
    780 PLN or 190 € / 2 nights stay
  • voucher for stay 2
    accommodation in a luxurious apartment at Arnold’s House
    breakfast from regional products for 4/5 people
    dinner at our family slow-food restaurant
    695 PLN or 170 € /1 night stay
    1390 PLN or 344 € /2 night stay
  • voucher to our restaurant, see the menu
  • voucher with a basket containing regional products

Regional products gift card

Original gift – honey from Dobków. Always available at Villa Greta