Villa Greta restaurant suppliers

Villa Greta Farmstead

potatoes, beetroots, onion, parsley, carrot, sauerkraut, brined cucumbers, powidl, apples, pears, sweet cherries, currants, plums, raspberries and various kinds of vegetables and herbssyrups, dandelion flower, dried forest mushrooms and others

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Slow-food shop

Pegrol Waldemar Szyndrowski Butcher’s

pork, beef, meats smoked with real smoke (not liquid), kaszanka (Polish blood sausage), salceson (Polish head cheese), pasztetowa (Polish liverwurst)
meat is supplied to the butcher’s by local farmers

ul. Starojaworska 91
59-400 Jawor
T +48 76 871 12 43

Family farms from Dobków

village eggs, quark, fresh milk, natural yoghurt also with fruit, sour milk, sometimes butter, vegetables, poultry, syrups: elderflower, elderberry, raspberry,

Dolina Gryki

white eco buckwheat groats (from Poland), eco spelt groats, eco millet groats (from the Czech Republic), eco green lentils (from Poland), eco pumpkin seeds (from Poland)

ul. Tysiąclecia P.P. 19
57-530 Międzylesie
T +48 667 878110
[email protected]

Skokowa Craft Mill

wheat flour, rye flour
Flour is free from any additives such as raising agents, bleaching agents, etc.
grains come from local suppliers

ul. Tysiąclecia P.P. 19
57-530 Międzylesie
T +48 667 878110
[email protected]

Kowalowe Skały eco farmstead

Eco goose meat, sometimes meat of Polish heath sheep, fallow deer

Wrzeszczyn 25 a
58-508 Jelenia Góra
T +48 75 75 244 82,
+48 502 252 730
[email protected]

Mrs Aniela Pańczak

village bread from the bread oven

Pomocne 34
59-424 Męcinka
T +48 76 870 89 10

A trout farm in Bolkowice

trouts, smoked trouts

Bolkowice near Jawor
T +48 604 059 851
[email protected]

Owoce Lutyni

juices: apple, apple-cherry, apple-chokeberry, low-sugar peach preserve

ul. Pionierów 13b
55-330 Lutynia
T +48 697 886 632
[email protected]

“Leśny Smak” Apiary

honey and other bee products, fresh raspberries, cold pressed raspberry syrup

Dobków 14
59-540 Świerzawa
T +48 75 713 43 91
[email protected]

Craft Brewery Roch, 13km from Villa Greta

5 types of beer

Nowe Rochowice 22
59-420 Bolków
T +48 608 670 928

Craft Brewery Miedzianka, 24km from Villa Greta

3 types of beer

Browar Miedzianka
Miedzianka 57b
58-520 Janowice
T +48 531 841 491

“Wańczykówka” eco farmstead

eco Sudetic cheese

ul. św. Anny 9
58-405 Krzeszów
T +48 75 742 30 76
T +48 605 160 009
[email protected]

Trzebnica Hills Vineyard

7 types of polish wine

Węgrów 22a
55-095 Węgrów
T +48 691 647 042
[email protected]


Mineral water from Wojcieszów, 4 km from Villa Greta

ul. Miedziana 3
59-550 Wojcieszów
+48 691 647 042
[email protected]


We also use goods available in retail chains. However, we always carefully include information on the origin of products from local and regional markets in our menu.