Restaurant slow-food Villa Greta – current menu

Drinks & Wine list

Slow-food lard

Slow-food lard: rye bread baked in Greta on our sourdough flour from Skokowa Mill, cucumbers from our garden pickled by Grandma Kristine, lard melted in Greta with meat from Mr. Waldek from Stary Jawor.

Best restaurant in Lower Silesia

Duck breast fillet, Silesian dumplings, blackthorn sauce, apple & rowan.

Restaurant near by Jawor and Legnica

Fish soup with seafood.

Restaurant Jelenia Gora / Hirschberg

Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, wild rice with root vegetables, pepper sauce and red cabbage sauerkraut mousse.

Restaurant Zlotoryja / Goldberg

VEGE Courgette stuffed with lentils*ECO, white buckwheat groats*ECO, mint and yoghurt dip, cheese from Wanczykowka*ECO.