Where to go for a bike ride in the Katshava Mountains and Foothills

  • The Katshava Mountains and Foothills is the dream region for bike rides 
  • Dobków is a good starting point for bike rides both for families with children and for professionals
  • there are two marked bike trails running through Dobków, and in the neighbourhood up to 5 km from Dobków, there are the next several designated trails, including those dedicated only to mountain bikes
  • you may rent a bike – the closest bike rental is in Muchów 12km from Villa Greta
  • see all attractions available within the range of bike trips
Where to go for bike ride Poland

The Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Villa Greta – a place friendly for bikers

Bike trails Lower Silesia

The Sudetes have a dense network of bike trails

Land of Extinct Volcanoes - best bike trails

Where to go for a bike ride in the Lower Silesia? We invite you to come to the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

Bike trails Poland

In Dobków :-). Bike trails lead by low traffic commune roads through picturesque Sudetic villages.

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