Where to go for sledging in the Sudetes? We invite you to come to our sledging hill at Villa Greta.

Villa Greta directions


Where to go for sledging

Where to go for sledging in Poland?


Winter fun Poland

What to do with children in winter. Just a few more moments at the playground.

Snow in Dobków

The view from the window in the cornflower room.

Sledging hill Polish mountains

The preparation of the sledging hill

Sledging with family Poland

Our sledging run was prepared by the whole family.

Sledging with children Poland

Beating down snow at the hillside by Krzysiek’s force and Ewelina’s weight :-)

Sledging near Wroclaw

Maciek beats down snow at the hillside by means of his snowboard. You can come for sledging and dinner (after a telephone reservation) for example from Wroclaw.

Sledging hill Polish mountains

Beating down snow on the sledging hill at Villa Greta. Are you thinking about going for sledging to Karpacz? How about stopping a little closer to Wroclaw? Come to Dobków!

Sledging Poland winter holidays

Fortunately, Renata also is not bantamweight, which was of some use at the hill :-). Where to go for sledging near Jelenia Góra?

Sledging hill for children

You do not have to go for sledging to the Giant Mountains :-)

Winter with children Poland

Tymek also participated in the preparation of the sledging hill.

Best sledging hill Poland

And finally, it’s time for sledging!

Winter playground Poland

The winter playground

Dinner after sledging

After several hours in the snow, dinner tastes exceptionally delicious :-).

Delicious Sunday dinner restaurant

You will find more pictures of dinners at Villa Greta restaurant in meals gallery.

sledging restaurant Poland

Villa Greta is a place in which after fun in the snow you can order dinner at the restaurant.


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