Where to go a sleigh ride? – of course to Dobkow! You only need lots of snow, but the weather in recent years plays tricks on us.

Greta directions

Where to go for a sleigh ride in Poland

A sleigh ride starts by Villa Greta guesthouse.


  • a sleigh ride lasts for maximally 2h, and optimally 1h
  • you should remember about wearing warm clothes
  • recent years are not favourable for sleigh rides, the snow cover is too thin
  • we have only one sleigh, we do not organise joint sleigh rides
  • after the ride, we invite you to our restaurant for dinner, mulled wine or beer from Broumov with honey from Dobkow, and after dinner to our sledging hill
  • in summer, we invite you for a carriage ride


  • 200 PLN/h / 50 €
  • the recommended duration of a sleigh ride is 1h
  • the sleigh can contain, apart from the sleigh driver, up to 5 adult people or 4 adult people and 2 children


Where to go for sleigh ride in Katshava Mountains

The route is selected by Mr Janek, it is almost always different, always picturesque.

Sleigh ride in Giant Mountains

The sleigh ride lasts from an hour to 2 hours. When it’s freezing, it is better if the ride is not too long.

Sleigh ride in Lower Silesia

A sleigh ride in the Katshava Mountains is not the same as a sleigh ride in the Giant Mountains. The Katshava Mountains are wild.
On the way, you will not meet other people, at most wild animals.

Azor during sleigh ride

Our dog Azor always accompanies our trips.

Winter attractions in Polish mountains

A short break for snow fun.

Good cafe in Polish mountains

After winter attractions, it’s time for coffee and…

Good coffee in Giant Mountains

… cake,

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