Wielislawka Organ Pipes – a rare relic of Permian volcanism and a mountain in which the treasure of the Third Reich may be hidden.

  • Wielisławka, Wielisławka Organ Pipes

    Car park at the foot of Wielisławka
    59-540 Świerzawa


Wielislawka Organ Pipes

Wielisławka (ger. Willenberg) with rhyolitic columnar jointing, that is Wielislawka Organ Pipes. 


  • when driving from Złotoryja:
    in the village of Różana, turn into the courtyard of renovated Młyn Wielisław, drive through the mill race, a gravel road will lead you directly to Wielisławka Organ Pipes
  • when driving from Świerzawa:
    in the village of Sędziszowa, behind the now unused level crossing, turn sharp right, drive along a gravel road (safely), which will lead you to the picnic point at the foot of Wielisławka


  • massive rhyolitic organ pipes, important as far as geological curiosities in Poland and Europe are concerned
  • there is an educational route around the top for about 1 hour-long march
  • a beautiful view from the observation point below the mountain top to the village of Sędziszowa, the Katshava Valley and Katshava Foothills
  • you can organise a picnic at the foot of the mountain
  • Wielisławka is one of the hypothetical places where the legendary Gold of Wrocław may be hidden – until now, the treasure taken away by the Germans just before the completion of the encirclement of the Fortress of Wrocław “Festung Breslau” by the Red Army has not been found
  • The German police officer, Herbert Klose, lived until his death in Sędziszowa at the foot of Wielisławka
  • The last organised attempts at finding the Gold of Wrocław were undertaken by the authorities of a failing communist system in the 1980s
  • see a video on treasures of Wielisławka (TVP, 46 minutes (pl)).


Organy Wielisławskie

Wielisławka Organ is a former quarry. Currently, Wielisławka Organ is a monument of inanimate nature.

Organy Wielisławskie

Wielisławka is the most beautiful in autumn.

Pod Wielisławką

A picnic spot at Wielisławka.

Ryolitowy cios słupowy - Organy Wielisławskie

The most precious part of the mountain for geologists – the rhyolitic columnar jointing called Wielisławka Organ Pipes. It is relic of volcanoes which were active 250 million years ago.

Dojazd do Wielisławki

A way to Wielisławka from Złotoryja. A gravel road goes along the mill race.

Zwiedzanie Wielisławki

And another view to the hill.

Sztolnia w Wielisławce

Wielisławka is perforated with a network of old adits

Sztolnie Wielisławki

The entrance to one of them – the most known, visible from the road No. 328.

Wielisławka - Willenberg

Wielisławka Organ Pipes and Wielisławka. Many legends about treasures hidden by the retreating German army are connected to this mountain.

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