Wilkołak (Wilcza Mt.) – basalt rose and the only longitudinal profile of volcanic pipe in Poland.

  • Wilkołak - extinct volcano

    A car park near the road No. 328 at the train crossing between Zlotoryja and Jerzmanice Zdrój
    59-500 Złotoryja

Wilkołak directions

Wilcza Mt., Wilkołak

Wilkołak / Wilcza Mt. – the view from the south. 100 years ago, it was a regular conical volcanic neck just as Ostrzyca Mt. Quarries changed the mountain’s shape and now it resembles a tooth.


  • you can get to Wilcza Mt. from the village of Jerzmanice Zdrój. When you drive from Świerzawa on road No. 328, there is a small bar with a car park just behind the train crossing. There is a green tourist route leading from this car park to Wilcza Mt., NAVIGATE
  • another variant is leaving your car at the extension of ul. Hoża in Złotoryja, NAWIGUJ
  • in both cases, getting to the hill top takes about 0.5h


  • Wilkołak (the name of a hill) or Wilcza Mt. (the name of the reserve) is one of important well preserved volcanic necks in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
  • Złotoryja is located at the foot of Wilcza Mt.
  • visiting Wilcza Mt. is currently very difficult due to the continuing conflict of the extractive industry with naturalists and tourists
  • the greatest assets of the mountain are its unique geological formations: basalt rose (pl) and a longitudinal profile of the volcanic neck
  • Wilkołak is still an operational quarry (with probably the last concession valid till 2022)
  • there is a geological curiosity near the route from Jerzmanice – Wilcza Jama – pseudokarst cave in the sandstone


Wilkołak - extinct volcano in Poland

The view to Złotoryja from the top of the extinct volcano. You can see the church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the observation tower available for tourists.

Basalt columns in Poland

Another common name of Wilkołak is Wilczak. The picture presents basalt columns characteristic for tertiary volcanism.

Basalt columns

Another picture of basalt columns. This time in two section planes. The Land of Extinct Volcanoes is rich in interesting geological phenomena.

Basalt rose Poland

The basalt rose – unique at European scale.

Giant Mountains - view from Katshava Mountains

The view from Wilcza Mt. to the Katshava Mountains and the Giant Mountains.

Złotoryja from Wilcza Mt.

An example of landscape devastation of the Lower Silesia. The absurd idea of building wind turbines in the region of Poland where wind blows mildly.



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