ZOO Görlitz – an oasis in the city center. Presentation of 500 animals in naturally and lovingly designed enclosures. The only Tibetan village in Europe. Animal closeness.

Goerlitz ZOO - access

Goerlitz ZOO. Access

Zoo Görlitz is interactive and child-friendly.

Zoo Görlitz is interactive and child-friendly.

Zoo in Görlitz

  • open every day
  • March till October
    9 am to 6 pm
  • November
    9 am to 5 pm
  • December till January
    9 am to 4 pm
  • February
    9 am to 5 pm

Feeding times:

  • Red Panda: 10 am and 2:45 pm 
  • otter & racoon: 3 pm

Attractions at the ZOO Görlitz

  • nearly all signs and information boards are trilingual: German, Polish and English
  • did you ever brush a pig or feed a porcupine?
  • looked deep in a camel’s eyes?
  • listened to the ripple of a waterfall on a bench in the midst of rock squirrels and Chinese parakeets?
  • observed the rearing in a griffon vulture’s nest from the researcher’s hut or rasped a carrot as feed for chicks?
  • did you ever have a picnic with a family of bronze turkeys?
  • watched an otter during his meal, only separated by a glass panel?
  • pig paradise, visitor grass feeding
  • discovery barn with indoor playground
  • theme-based playgrounds (pet playground, jump playground),
  • learning games
  • „Lusatian valley“ with adventure path, sun deck, culture history  exhibition „Klapperstorch mein Guter“, special exhibitions
  • walkable enclosures for ibex, deer and giant kangaroos
  • only Tibetan village in Europe
  • lusatian farm where you can pet goats and massage pigs
  • rabbit world where you can pet rabbits
  • walk-in-aviary Qishan with bench
  • pig paradise wit visitor grass feeding
  • discovery barn with indoor play possibilities, theme-based playgrounds (UNESCO-awarded pet playground, jump playground), over 100 learning games
  • snack bar “Unsere Futterkiste” with regional and sustainable products


  • adults: 6,90 € (30 zloty)
  • reduced ticket: 3,90 € (16 zloty)
  • dog: 2,90 € (12 zloty)
  • children under 3 years: free admission


Zoo in Germany

Animal closeness and grass feeding.

Zoo Zgorzelec / Görlitz

Kangaroo with offspring.

Goerlitz - Zoo in Germany

Here you can meet new friends.

Lusatian valley

Adventure path from which you can observe the life in the Lusatian valley

Tibetan village in Europe

Tibetan village in Görlitz.

Milk cows

At the pet playground you can milk cows.

Animals at Zoo Görlitz

Animals at Zoo Görlitz.


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