Zlotoryja / Goldberg - the Old Town Market Square

Zlotoryja – the Old Town Market Square.

Zlotoryja / Goldberg – the oldest town in Poland. The town has its town rights and privileges since 1211.

Zlotoryja - directions


Zlotoryja fountain Poland

There are several renovated sandstone fountains in the town.

Museum of Gold Zlotoryja Poland

Museum of Gold  in the oldest town in Poland. Do not confuse with the Gold Mine! They are two different tourist attractions :-)

Smith's Tower Zlotoryja Poland

Smith’s Tower near the town centre.

Zlotoryja - promenade Poland

We descend from the tower to the ground floor and we walk down the promenade in the direction of the Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Oldest town in Poland

In 2011, the town celebrated the 800th anniversary of gaining the town rights and privileges.

Atmospheric town Poland

The town did not receive any damage during the Second World War and in the difficult post-war years. The town becomes more and more beautiful in time :-).


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  1. Michal Sabat says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Excellent guide to the town in which I spent the first fifteen or so years of my life. I always loved that town even at the time that it wasn’t beautifully decorated. I live now in the US but this small piece of precious gold called Zlotoryja is always on my mind!


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