ZOO in Wroclaw – the biggest ZOO in Poland and the only Africarium with oceanarium in Poland!

Zoo Wroclaw - directions

ZOO in Wroclaw

Lions in the Wroclaw ZOO.



  • the biggest zoo in Poland (and the third in the world): over 1100 species, over 14 000 animals
  • the zoo covers over 33 hectares (it is not possible to see everything during just one day!)
  • the modern Africarium – the complex of buildings along with oceanarium presenting animals of Africa
  • 12 pavilions (visiting during bad weather): aquarium, pavilion for crocodiles, pavilion for monkeys, Madagascar, apes, terrarium with pavilion for butterflies, Sahara, pavilion for elephants, Terai (Indie),
  • the pavilion “Ranch” where small children will get to know farm animals and have a possibility to ride a Shetland pony
  • the pavilion „Climate, People, Animals” –  the pavilion without animals, with multimedia, educational games and plays
  • the ZOO changes from year to year, there are more and more modern pavilions and enclosures, which improves the life of animals and makes observing the ZOO animals easier.



Hippos Wroclaw Poland

Hippos in Wroclaw.

Africarium Poland

The Africarium in Wroclaw.

Oceanarium in Wroclaw

The Africarium pavilion with oceanarium where you will be taken to Africa for several hours.

Wroclaw - ZOO

The southern sea.

ZOO - attractions in Wroclaw

The jungle in Kongo.

Africarium Poland

The Africarium pavilion.

Oceanarium in Wroclaw

The ZOO in Wroclaw – oceanarium.


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