Kingdom of children

I want to stay here! He doesn’t want to visit any castles!

Best Family Hotel

Trampoline and swings.

Trampoline on the playground

Trampoline great fun for toddlers.

Attractions for children in the Giant Mountains

In winter, the playground is never empty.

Family holidays

Swing black stork diligently watches the dance of planes in the twilight sky.

Hotel with attractions for children

At the playground there is a large hill for sledding.




In the labyrinth. It is not easy to find your way out.

Baby-friendly agritourism

In the case of the smallest children, the most important thing is a large sandbox. You’ll find 25 tons of rinsed sand in our sandbox.

Home garden in the Sudety Mountains

Flowers are taken care of by grandmothers Halinka and Krysia.

Attractions for children in Lower Silesia

The carousel is fixed asymmetrically. Thanks to this, children have even more joy from shooting.


Swing black stork.

B&B with playground

The devices are made of hard and flexible acacia wood.

Playground in spring

Playground in spring.

Guesthouse with playground, Lower Silesia

The characters of the playground are animals found in the area: salamander, black stork, ladybug and tree frog.

Labyrinth in Villa Greta

Children’s favorite toy – a labyrinth in the grass!

Agritourism with playground Poland

For the safety of children, the playground has been certified. The zip line is usually the most popular attraction.

Zip line playground

Zip line once again.

On the swing

On the swing in Villa Greta.



Spring playground

Spring playground.


Na trampolinie nie może przybywać więcej niż dwoje dzieci.

Huśtawka Czarny Bocian

Huśtawka Czarny Bocian.

Zip line

Zip line in Villa Greta.

Straw bales

Fun in the countryside :-)

Hay bales

Hay bales are sometimes more liked by children than the playground.


Carousel on the playground.


Pitch for football, volleyball and letting go of planes.

Playground in spring

Playground in spring.

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