Company events in the countryside

A good space for work and meetings

You will not find the classic space of conference rooms here. Rustic interiors, ubiquitous greenery, peace, rural atmosphere – all this away from the urban and loud everyday life. In a homely atmosphere, with a professional approach, we share space for events, meetings, workshops, indoors and in the garden, among apple trees or at the top of a hill surrounded by beautiful views and rustling grass.

  • intimate company meetings
  • meetings of management boards, managers, negotiations
  • team working
  • team building
  • trainings
  • mini conferences
  • therapeutic groups
  • yoga workshops
  • integration events (exclusive reservation of the entire facility required)
Company party
Trainings and company events in a rustic atmosphere in the countryside.
For business
Villa Greta for business

Our guests included

Ligum Pol
Santander Bank
O.P.S.O. sp. z o.o.
TOOPLOOX sp. z o.o.
Polpharma sp. z o.o.
Zott Polska sp. z o.o.
Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.
EY Global Services Poland
British American Tobacco Polska
SECO/WARWICK S.A. Świebodzin

BNP Paribas
Panalpina S.A.
SAP sp. z o.o.
BAYER sp. z o.o.
UNESCO Komission Niemcy
Polish Humanitarian Action

Wroclaw commune
Polish State Forest administration
Dzierzoniow commune
Polish Institute for Territorial Development
Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland
hatha-joga schools
Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences
Wroclaw University of Economics and Business
Polish Geographical Society
Laboratorium Psychoedukacji
Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesia Region
several municipalities and NGOs

Are you looking for a place for a company event?

Training rooms for groups of 5 to 45 people

We offer two training rooms. They have their own independent entrances, are connected by a corridor and separated by a pair of doors, which allows you to conduct different activities at the same time. You can also use the carriage house and garden.

  • training rooms have wooden, heated floors
  • the capacity of a large hall depends on the method and purpose of use:
    • work with tables up to 25 people
    • work without tables up to 35 people
    • prezentacja slajdów do 45 osób
    • hatha-yoga workshops up to 15 people practicing
  • a smaller room may contain up to 16 people
  • flipchart, screen, overhead projector included in the room price
  • the rooms are quiet and have their own toilets
  • free WiFi with speeds from 50 to 600 Mb/s, output via optical fiber
Yoga room

Carriage House

Carriage House
Renting a training hall

Large hall in Arnold’s House

Ground Floor, Arnold's House
Guesthouse with children's playroom

Small hall in the Arnold’s House

Ground Floor, Arnold's House
Restaurant Villa Greta


Around the house
The restaurant is on site

Appetite increases as you eat

Good food during a company training or event is part of success.
We will adjust the meal schedule and menu to your needs and budget.

Kawa w Villi Greta

We will prepare a coffee break for you:

  • continuous, with coffee from an overflow coffee maker with a small or larger buffet
  • with coffee from the pressure coffee maker and homemade cake
Desserts and coffee break in the restaurant
Comfortable rooms and suites

Accommodation for company events

You will have a good sleep after intensive training to make the second day equally productive. Our rooms and suites are spacious, comfortable and have a rustic atmosphere.

  • 13 rooms and suites
  • 52 beds (including 10 full-size extra beds)
  • 47 beds (43 single, 5 double)
  • 31 places in the option “only 2-bed rooms”
  • 16 places in the option “only 1-bed rooms”
2-bedded room

Jan’s Room

Villa Greta, first floor
Family holidays in the countryside

Cornflower Room

Villa Greta, second floor
Apartment in the mountains for families with children

Agate apartment

Arnold's House, second floor
Holidays with children

Lavender Room

Villa Greta, second floor
Loud and without quiet hours at night

Parties until dawn

Do you like to party after workshops or meetings?
Rent the entire facility exclusively.

Integration games

Organize a party without restrictions

  • Renting a hall without time limit and without quiet hours at night (only when renting all rooms exclusively)

  • Variant 7: 7 cold snacks, 1 warm course, cold and hot drinks, buffet service until 7:30 p.m.
    80 18.2
  • Variant 8: 7 cold snacks, 1 warm course, cold and hot drinks, buffet service until 9:00 p.m.
    130 29.6
  • Variant 9: 7 cold snacks, 2 warm courses, cold and hot drinks, buffet service until 10:00 p.m.
    170 38.7
  • Variant 10: 7 cold snacks, 3 warm courses, cold and hot drinks, buffet service until 11:30 p.m.
    230 52.3
  • Variant 11: main course served to the table (appetizer, soup, main course), 7 cold snacks, 2 warm courses in the buffet, drinks, service until 11:30 p.m.
    280 63.7
  • Barbeque in the carriage house / Open air bonfire

  • Variant 12: 6 grilled courses, 5 additions, water, coffee, tea, waiting service 2 h
    110 25
  • Variant 13: 9 grilled courses, 7 additions, water, juices, coffee, tea, waiting service 3 h
    160 36.4
  • Variant 14: 9 grilled courses, 7 additions, drinks, waiting service 4 h
    210 47.8
  • Extras

  • selection of 2 desserts, coffee, tea in the buffet
    40 9.1
  • extension of hall renting time (1 h)
    100 22.8
  • extension of hall renting time with waiting service (1 h)
    150 34.1
  • service of own alcohol (corkage fee)
    14 3.2
  • service of own cake
    8 1.9

Attractions dedicated to companies

we organize creative workshops for adults combined with games integrating the group:

additional attractions:

Villa Greta is located in the picturesque Land of Extinct Volcanoes, 1.5 h from Wrocław, 1 h from Legnica, 0.5 h from Jelenia Góra, 3.5 h from Krakow, 4.5 h from Warsaw.

Professionally and to the point

Study visits in Dobkow

Are you looking for an inspiration to develop your local community or the environment in which you live?
We will be happy to tell you how the inhabitants of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes managed to achieve success. We will arrange a professional program tailored to the time and capabilities of the participants. It will be creative, interesting and tasty, and you will come home with heads full of ideas!

Study visit to Dobkow
Quiet everywhere…


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