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Today in menu is spring

The seasons have a lot to say in our cuisine. We listen to them because they offer the best products. They often send us to the field to get fresh fruits and vegetables – fortunately, it’s right behind the house and you don’t have to run far. You are invited to the table to get a taste of this cooperation. Below you’ll find the menu which often changes – it’s worth visiting this site before you arrive.

Dinner in the garden

Wojcieszowianka is poured a few kilometers from Dobkow.

Chicken fillet with potatoes

Chicken fillet with potatoes – a dish chosen most often by children.

Breaded pork chop with bone

Breaded pork chop with bone.

Kale pancakes

Kale pancakes for vegetarians.

Creamy nettle soup

Creamy nettle soup with quail egg, our spring flagship dish.

Soup served cold

Soup served cold, for hot days.

Goose leg confit

Goose leg confit.

Cafe Lower Silesia

Apple pie from our apples. Kaiser Wilhelm apples.

Pancakes with quark cheese

Pancakes with quark cheese.

Our herbarium

Harvest of onion flowers.

Preparing brined cucumbers

Preparing brined cucumbers at Villa Greta.

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