Dinner for groups


dinners for organized groups

We are flexible to your needs. We invite groups of children, teenagers and adults. You will find tasty, simple and well-priced dishes or more refined with dessert and coffee. In the case of a group of more than 24 people dinner for the guide is free.

  • main restaurant hall – up to 65 people
  • hall in the Arnold House – up to 35 people
  • garden with parasols, pergola and gazebos – more than 100 people
  • access by coach directly in front of the entrance to the restaurant (if the coach is large, we kindly ask the driver to contact us before entering the municipal road – 300 m from the restaurant)
  • free car park
  • execution of the order requires agreement at least 1 day before arrival
  • it is possible to order vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free dishes or dishes from other diets for all participants or several people from the group
  • playground free of charge

price list of meals for groups

  • kindergarten / children aged 7-10

  • main course, home-made drink
    25 5.5
  • soup, main course, home-made drink
    32 7
  • soup, main course, home-made drink, dessert
    37 8.1
  • children aged 11-15, high school

  • main course, home-made drink
    32 7
  • soup, main course, home-made drink
    36 7.9
  • soup, main course, home-made drink, dessert
    45 9.8
  • adults

  • main course, home-made drink
    42 9.2
  • soup, main course, home-made drink
    50 10.9
  • soup, main course, home-made drink, dessert
    65 14.2
  • soup, main course, home-made drink, dessert, tea / coffee
    79 17.2

sample menu

economy class (price indicated above)

  • tomato soup, chicken breast breaded in spelt, potatoes, carrot salad
  • broth, minced cutlet with potatoes or VEGE millet-broccoli cutlet, white cabbage salad
  • barley soup, spaghetti bolognese or VEGE spaghetti with tomato sauce and vegetables
  • vegetable soup, pork stew from the shoulder or VEGE vegetable stew, eco white buckwheat groats or eco spelt barley, green or brined cucumber
  • red borscht, chicken in cream, rice, carrots with peas
  • Ukrainian borscht, roasted pork neck, roast sauce, potatoes, cabbage salad
  • any soup, cabbage rolls with white buckwheat and meat or VEGE with lentils and vegetables
  • any soup, bombs with meat or VEGE with lentils and vegetables
  • any soup, battercakes with honey from Dobkków, jams of own production or cottage cheese with cinnamon

standard class (individual pricing)

  • sour soup on homemade sourdough, pork tenderloin in forest mushroom or lemon-ginger sauce, mashed potatoes, red beetroot salad
  • cream of white vegetables with kale chips and pumpkin seeds, Polish pork chop with bone fried on smoked bacon, potatoes, fried cabbage
  • onion soup with croutons, duck fillet, white vegetable puree, cranberry with apple, red cabbage with clove and apple
  • cabbage soup with smoked bacon chips, old Polish deer roast with rye bread, ginger beets
  • forest mushroom cream with eco spelt or croutons, burbot with Italian sauce, roasted potatoes, celery salad
  • VEGE cream of roasted beets with feta, roasted pumpkin with garlic, shallots, eco millet groats
  • VEGE roasted beet cream with balsamic vinegar and feta, black lentils, chanterelles, grilled zucchini, eco millet groats
  • VEGE soup of colorful lentils with cumin in Indian style, risotto with wild rice, spicy vegetables, grilled oscypek
  • VEGE tomato cream with almond flakes and local cheese, kale pancakes, peperonata, eco chickpeas


Pancakes with quark cheese

Pancakes with quark cheese.

Breaded pork chop with bone

Breaded pork chop with bone.

Kale pancakes

Kale pancakes for vegetarians.

Chicken fillet with potatoes

Chicken fillet with potatoes – a dish chosen most often by children.

Offer for groups

Children at a group dinner.

Restaurant with garden

Restaurant with garden.

Dinner, field trip

Dinner in the restaurant, after geological workshops, and before the field game.

Restaurant Villa Greta

The main restaurant hall, here we also serve breakfast and there are events and wedding receptions.

As in a fairy tale

As in a fairy tale.

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