Tasting menu

Tasting supper

Flavours always sewn with different threads


Beef tenderloin tartare, young larch twigs, onion flowers.

Tasting menu in the vicinity of the Giant Mountains

Beef, spelt barley, beetroot, vrined cucumber, bacon, thyme.

Goat cheese

Avocado, goat cheese from Wanczykowka, truffles, pomegranate, hibiscus.

Cabbage soup

Cabbage soup, bacon.

Wroclaw tasting supper

Chocolate dessert.

Tasting Lower Silesia

Pork shoulder, red wine, brined cucumbers, potato pancakes, cream

Lower Silesia tasting menu

Thai cuisine Lower Silesia

Thai cuisine Lower Silesia

Red rice, white rice, rabbit saddle, vegetables and spices, cumin, lemongrass, curry, sugar peas.

Polish cuisine, tasting menu

Quark cheese, jelly from elderberry fruits, elderberry tincture.

Tasting menu Lower Silesia

Duck, red cabbage, apple, cloves, cinnamon, cranberries, honey.

Tasting menu Legnica

Creamy roasted beets soup, celery chips.

Tasting menu Villa Greta

Smoked trout, broccoli, quark cheese, red onion chutney, kale.

Tasting menu near Wroclaw

Cabbage, white buckwheat groats, pork shoulder, tomatoes, onions, rosemary, in the vege version – vegetables instead of meat.

Tasting menu

Chicken, cheese, pepper, orange, chili, ginger, honey.

Exclusive Polish cuisine

Pork tenderloin, forest mushrooms, potatoes, poppy seeds, zucchini, carrots.

Appetizer menu near Legnica

Mackerel, toast, lamb’s lettuce, pear, elderberry flower vinegar.

Exceptional restaurant

Potatoes, forest mushrooms, spinach, salmon, cottage cheese, dill.

Dessert at Villa Greta

Cold-pressed raspberry juice, cottage cheese, chocolate.

Appetizer menu in Villa Greta

Liver, apple, onion, micro-herbs, cider.

Onion soup

Onion soup: onion, shallot, white onion, puff pastry.

Polish cuisine tasting

Cod, potatoes, tomatoes, rosemary.

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