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Villa Greta

Slow-food restaurant

We carefully select the products from which we create dishes. Villa Greta is not only a guesthouse and restaurant, but also a farm. Own cultivation allows us to control the quality of vegetables and fruits from the very beginning. We have also built a network of reliable local suppliers who, like us, care about the quality of their products. From field to table.

Veggies field in Villa Greta

The farm of Villa Greta

Beetroots, onions, parsley, carrots, sauerkraut, apples, pears, cherries, currants, plums, raspberries and more than a dozen other kinds of vegetables, herbs, flowers that decorate dishes, brined cucumbers, plum jam, jam, syrups, droughts, forest mushrooms and more

Slow food restaurant Polish mountains

Przemyslaw Gaweł’s Butchery

sausages smoked with real smoke (not liquid), blood sausage, brawn, pate

ul. Mlynarska
59-420 Bolkow
+48 500 200 775

Cured meats from Bolkow

Wieslaw Piwonski’s Farmstead

lamb, mutton, game

Okrajnik 1
59-420 Kaczorow
+48 502 205 652

Lamb, Kaczorow

Marian Malek’s Farmstead

Vegetables: potatoes, carrots, beets, celery, leek, parsley, cabbage and other

Godziszowa 42a
59-407 Msciwojow
+48 600 160 417

Slow-food Lower Silesia

Family farms from Dobkow

Country eggs, vegetables, poultry, elderberry flower, dandelion flower, elderberry, raspberry syrups,

Quark from Myslow

Dolina Gryki

white ecological buckwheat groats, ecological spelt groats, ecological millet groats, ecological green lentils (origin: Poland), ecological pumpkin seeds

ul. Tysiąclecia P.P. 19
57-530 Miedzylesie
+48 667 878110
[email protected]

White buckwheat groats

Skokowa Craft Mill

wheat flour, rye flour, spelt flour
The flour does not contain any additives such as raising agents, bleaching agents, etc.
grain comes from local suppliers

ul. Wroclawska 29
55-110 Skokowa
+48 71 312 65 08
[email protected]

Flour from Skokowa Mill

Rezerwat Jabłek, Przemysław Gontarz

mono-varietal apple juices pressed from old varieties of apple trees mostly from the Katshava Foothills such as: Melba, Antonovka (Pound and a half), Kronselska, Kaiser Wilhelm, Golden Reinette

‭+48 733 757 714
[email protected]

Apple Juices from Rezerwat Jablek

Lesny Smak Apiary

Mead, raspberry wine, honey and other bee products

Dobkow 14, 59-540 Swierzawa
+48 75 713 43 91
[email protected]

Honey from Dobkow

Krzysztof Ziembowski’s Apiary


Rzasnik 14, 59-540 Swierzawa
+48 570 271 001
[email protected]

Buckwheat honey

Roch craft brewery

kraft beer – several types including: Pils, Marwari, Lager, Jelonek, Balios

Nowe Rochowice 22
59-420 Bolkow
+48 608 670 928
[email protected]

Roch Brewery

Lwowek Brewery

beers of several types including: Wroclawskie, Ksiazece, Wheat, Raspberry, Porter

Lwowek Brewery
ul. Traugutta 7
59-600 Lwowek Slaski
+48 75 643 18 80
[email protected]

Lwowek Brewery

“Wanczykowka” Organic farm

organic sudetic cheeses

Lucyna and Sylwester Wanczyk
Wanczykowka Organic Farm
ul. sw. Anny 9
58-405 Krzeszow
+48 75 742 30 76
+48 605 160 009
[email protected]

Wanczykowka Cheese

Trzebnica Hills Vineyards

wines: Chardonnay, Pinos Gris, Gewürztraminner, Pinot Noir, Cuve, Riesling, PetNat

Rafał Wesolowski
Wegrow 22a
55-095 Wegrow
+48 691 647 042
[email protected]

Wine, Trzebnica Hills Vineyard

Kindler Vineyard

wines – several types: Johanniter, Cuve

Kamil Kindler
Uniejowice 46
59-516 Zagrodno
+48 607 856 362
[email protected]

Kamil Kindler


Sparkling and still table water from the Milek Mountain from Wojcieszow, 5 km from Villa Greta

ul. Miedziana 3
59-550 Wojcieszow
T +48 691 647 042
[email protected]


We also use goods available in retail chains. However, we always meticulously include the information about the origin of products from local and regional markets in the menu.

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