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Of course! Villa Greta is created for families with children! Our family-run guesthouse has all the facilities for guests with children, the small and the larger ones. See how our playground and home surroundings look like.
However, you must be prepared for crying children during the trip home :) This is the best review for us. If you want, you can also leave your opinion.
This helps others to choose well a place for their rest.

Villa Greta is located in the small village of Dobkow, in the Lower Silesia, actually in the Sudetes, in the center of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes Geopark. Here you can see the route to get there by car. You can also visit the Contact/Directions page. There you will find more information about our location and how to get to Greta without your own car.

The hotel day starts at 3 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 11 a.m. on the day of departure. This means that a room or suite will be ready for your arrival at 3 p.m. On the day of departure, please vacate the room by 11:00 a.m. so that our staff can clean the room and prepare it for the arrival of the next guests. If you want to arrive earlier or leave later, ask us. It happens that we can be flexible in this regard. See the accommodation offer for more information.

Parking w Villa Greta dostępny jest za darmo dla wszystkich Gości odwiedzających restaurację i pensjonat.  Parking oznaczony jest znakiem ?️ i położony jest na kilku poziomach za podwórzem. Czasami nasi goście parkują na dziedzińcu, ale wolimy gdy parkujecie dalej od domu.

However, yes, we ask you to keep your pets on a leash. Remember, there are 2 dogs living in our yard that are free-roaming. This is their territory. If your dog is aggressive or fearful it is better not to take your dog, or take a table inside the restaurant. That’s where our dogs do not enter.

Dogs in the Villa Greta restaurant
Dzoj and Fajzer - our dogs.
Psy w restauracji Villa Greta

We love animals, however, we do not accept pets in our guesthouse. We care about the welfare and peace of mind of all guests who may have allergies or not tolerate the presence of a pet in the house. However, there are places in the Katshava Mountains where you can come with your dog. You can find a few of them here.

We have very fast fibre optic Internet connected directly to our guesthouse! The network is ready for online work, remote education or watching movies and cartoons. The entire Villa Greta, including the fireplace room and Arnold House are covered by the WiFi network. You can also use the Internet in our garden, enjoying the natural surroundings.

There are no televisions in Villa Greta. This gives you more time to talk and spend time together.

Yes. We are within the range of all cellular networks, although things happen. It depends on the spot, because not every network allows you to enjoy all LTE signal bars. There is no 5G in our area, but we have a reliable WiFi. Between buildings and inside the house, especially in the Arnold House, where the roof is covered with authentic red slate (it attenuates electromagnetic waves) coverage can be limited. However, if your phone and mobile network support calls using VoLTE and VoWiFi (WiFi Calling, Talking over WiFi) then you can fully enjoy a stable, high-quality voice connection.

The guide to Dobkow, the Land of Extinct Volcanoes and the Lower Silesia contains all the information you need. Be sure to use the filters. They will help you quickly match attractions to your needs. If you don’t want to plan and your trip is a classic spontaneous one, ask about the area’s attractions at the restaurant.

Of course! This is the main attraction for our youngest guests. A playground is right behind the guest house. We have the largest sandbox in the area, a zip line, a trampoline, a seasonal labyrinth, swings, a merry-go-round, a pitch and, above all, a huge amount of trees and greenery with large sweeps of grass. In winter, our hill is besieged by lovers of sledges and other inventions. For parents, there are plenty of nooks and crannies in the garden where you can catch your breath, have a coffee or a glass of wine while keeping an eye on your little ones.

Our menu is seasonal and changes quite often. We use only the freshest produce from our garden and vegetable garden and from local suppliers. It is worth checking the current menu before you arrive. If you are there, our waiters know all about the dishes and the products with which they are prepared. Ask.

Rain and wet grass is another reason to visit Dobkow! For all lovers of rain and those who prefer to avoid it, we have prepared the most interesting places to visit when it rains in our guide. If you aren’t intimidated by rainy adventures, like rubber boots, raincoats and playing in the rain (or right after the rain) then great! It’s especially magical in our area then, especially in the warm months.

This question is best answered by a guidebook. It is where you will find the answer to the question of what to do in Dobkow. Attractions are plentiful. Our guide will be… Your guide :)

Well, sure! We always have vegan and vegetarian, solid and seasonal dishes on the menu. Here you can check the current menu with green-leafed dishes for vegetarians. And here you will see a gallery of vege and vegan dishes.

Oczywiście! Zawsze mamy w karcie potrawy dla osób na dietach. W menu dania bez glutenu oznaczone są znaczkiem . Nie mamy jednak wydzielonej specjalnej kuchni, która jest wymagana do przygotowywania posiłków dla osób z celiakią.

It is usually no longer than 20 – 30 minutes, depending on the order. During the high season, especially during holidays, weekends, and public holidays, expect slightly longer than normal waiting times. At peak times, for example, on Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., the waiting time may exceed 1 h. We recommend booking a table in advance. Thank you for your understanding and we’ll see you again!

Of course! You can use the pergolas, arbours, parasols and nooks and crannies of our garden or the old carriage house. Remember, however, that waiters only serve guests in the main room. Guests who want to eat in the garden receive an electronic pager/peeper after placing their order and when the meal is ready, they pick up the dishes from the dining room themselves.

Kraina Wygasłych Wulkanów to nie tylko wspaniałe miejsce na ziemi, ale także dom dla ludzi, którzy wzajemnie sobie pomagają. Jeżeli w naszym pensjonacie nie ma już wolnych miejsc, a bardzo chcecie odwiedzić naszą magiczną krainę to zajrzyjcie na stronę Polecane obiekty. Znajdziecie tam listę dobrych miejsc, w których znajdziecie tradycje, klimat i ducha naszego regionu oraz wysoki standard usług hotelowych. Kontaktując się z wybranym miejscem, nie zapomnijcie powołać się na Villę Greta ??.

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