Vegans, vegans, diets

For vegetarians and vegans

We will also prepare meals without gluten, without lactose, without allergens

Nettle soup

Creamy nettle soup with quail egg – our flagship dish served in May and June.

Vegetarian restaurant

Villa Greta is a seasonal cuisine.

Pancakes with quark cheese

Pancakes with quark cheese – a dish loved by children.

Stuffed zucchini

Zucchini stuffed with lentils with eco white buckwheat groats from Dolina Gryki.

Ukrainian borscht

Ukrainian borscht. For vegetarians, we prepare soups in butter without using a decoction of meat.

Emmer wheat pasta

Emmer wheat pasta with pesto from ground elder with goat cheese.

Dumplings with plums

Sometimes we have dumplings with fruit. Depending on the season, these are strawberries, cherries, blueberries, purple plums. For sweet dumplings we usually prepare cream-cinnamon sauce.

Agritourism with gluten-free cuisine

September and October is the time of peppers :-). Stewed lentils with spices of the Orient under the hats.

Potato pancakes

Sometimes we serve the most ordinary dishes. For example, potato pancakes with fresh mushroom sauce from the Katshavian forests and salad from our pickled cucumbers.

Vegetarian bean soup

Bean soup with beans, carrots, potatoes, herbs from our vegetable garden.

Vegetarian restaurant Jawor

We make Russian dumplings from cottage cheese from a neighbor and potatoes from Mr. Małek. It is difficult to find better ones in the Lower Silesia :-).

Slow food in Poland

The dish “Tastes of Childhood” is a spring classic. Young potatoes with fried eggs from hens rummaging in Dobkow, young fried cabbage and sour milk from Mrs. Aniela.

Vegetarian restaurant Jelenia Góra

Villa Greta is a seasonal restaurant. Each month brings new surprises to the menu.

Gluten-free cuisine

Tomato soup decorated with parsley – of course, from our backyard herbarium.

Creamy roasted beets soup

Creamy roasted beets soup with goat cheese.

Vegetarian cabbage rolls

Vegetarian cabbage rolls stuffed with white buckwheat groats and vegetables.

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