Summer in Greta

The hustle and bustle of holidays, the harvest, the undulating grass…

Summer evening

Summer evening. A walk to the apple tree on the hill.


Summer. Just before the storm.

Summer Katshava Mountains

Summer in the Katshava Mountains.

Ostrzyca in summer

Ostrzyca Mountain in the summer. View from Greta’s meadows.

Pergola in Greta

Do you see our guests in the picture?

Ogród Villa Greta

Ogrodem w Grecie zajmują się Ewelina i Halina.


W ogrodzie mamy 3 altany.

Little Fajzer

Little Fajzer is almost an adult :-)

Late summer

Late summer.


We like old flowers and shrubs. We do not like low-growing conifers.



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