Field trip

Fun and education

Field trip in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Great fun, high quality of classes, fresh look at education.

Heard: Karolina, 4 grade “It’s the best trip ever!”

  • accommodation in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-bed rooms (up to 63 people)
  • nutritious and varied breakfasts, without nutella and sweet cereals
  • simple and tasty dinners, liked by children
  • dinners by the fire
  • large, safe space with a playground away from the road
  • educational activities conducted by experienced educators from the Earth Science Centre – Sudetic Geoscience Centre and craftsmen, artists and naturalists from the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
  • classes are conducted with passion
  • all refer to the current core curriculum
Laboratory classes for children
At the Centre, there are organized engaging laboratories for children.
Zielona szkoła na Dolnym Śląsku
Mineral Exploration Workshops
Mineral exploration, grinding and polishing workshops.
Warsztaty poszukiwania minerałów
Workshops and integration

Educational classes

The offer includes interesting, practical classes in various fields. Workshops, integration games and guided tours combined to make the best use of time in the most interesting way.

Offer tailored to your needs

we will prepare a proposal for you after we are provided with:

  • number of children and adults
  • age of children (grade)
  • number of nights
  • planned arrival and departure times
  • meal versions: breakfast + half board or breakfast + dinner + supper
  • the number of educational activities (one activity lasts from 1 h to 4 h), no more than 3 per day
  • preferred workshops, including educators from the Sudetic Geoscience Centre

practical information

  • field trips usually start with an educational activity before dinner on the day of arrival and end with dinner on the day of departure
  • accommodation is possible from 3 p.m., after the first block of workshops and dinner
  • check-out after breakfast on the day of departure (by 11 a.m. at the latest)
  • it is possible to store luggage
  • free parking for buses
  • Field trip will be settled by 2 entities: Villa Greta for accommodation and meals and Sudetic Geoscience Centre for the educational program
Field Trip

Information and price list

  • in a group of at least 30 children 2 caregivers free of charge
  • in a group of 20-29 children, one caregiver free of charge
  • in a group of up to 19 children, caregivers bear the costs of accommodation and meals
  • regardless of the number of children, caregivers do not bear the costs of participation in the workshops
  • we recommend choosing a maximum of three educational activities during the day so that children have time to play freely, among others on our playground
  • Educational activities are conducted in groups of up to 25 children, larger groups are divided in half
Gdzie na wycieczkę szkolną na Dolnym Ślasku
  • kindergarten, children under 10

  • overnight stay with a nice breakfast, 1 night
    135 31.4
  • accommodation with a solid breakfast, 2 or more nights (price per night)
    125 29.1
  • lunch (soup, main course, home-made drink) + supper or a bonfire
    58 13.5
  • dinner at evening
    30 7
  • bonfire
    28 6.6
  • children aged 11-15, high school students

  • overnight stay with a nice breakfast, 1 night
    155 36.1
  • accommodation with a solid breakfast, 2 or more nights (price per night)
    145 33.8
  • lunch (soup, main course, home-made drink) + supper or a bonfire
    74 17.3
  • dinner at evening
    39 9.1
  • bonfire
    35 8.2
  • caregivers, adults

  • accommodation with breakfast
    195 45.4
  • lunch (soup, main course, home-made drink) + supper or a bonfire
    94 21.9
  • dinner at evening
    54 12.6
  • bonfire
    40 9.4
  • educational workshops

  • average price of one educational activity (from PLN 15 to PLN 75)
    45 10.5
  • one-night stay: 3 educational activities on the first day + 1 educational activity on the day of departure
    180 41.9
  • stay with two nights: 3 educational activities on the first day + 3 educational activities on the second day + 1 educational activity on the day of departure
    315 73.3
In style

Unusual overnight stay during a field trip

Get to know our apartments and rooms. Check the precisely described rooms and possibilities of accommodation for children.
Heard: Antek, 7 grade primary school from Lubin: “WOW, how luxurious!”

Overnight stay in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
Agritourism in the Sudetes

Olive Room

Villa Greta, first floor
Holidays with children

Lavender Room

Villa Greta, second floor
Guesthouse in the Sudety Mountains

Rosemary Room

Villa Greta, second floor
Holiday home in Poland

Dovecote suite

Arnold's House, first floor
the Land of Extinct Volcanoes Geopark

Sightseeing of the near and distant surroundings

The Land of Extinct Volcanoes offers dozens, if not hundreds, of places worth visiting. We know that you have limited time and you will not be able to see everything. Therefore, together we will plan interesting trips that will not require time-consuming transport.

Offer for groups

Children at a group dinner.

Bonfire at Villa Greta

Bonfire on a class trip.

Field trip

Workshops on producing wooden pendants.

Trampoline on the playground

Trampoline great fun for toddlers.

Labyrinth in the grass

Labyrinth is a game that drains the excess energy out of children.

School trip Poland

8 graders on Greta’s board. This is the age when children can admire the sunset, but also when the playground still brings joy, although it’s not cool to admit it.

Geological workshops

At the workshop you need to think a little and take notes.

Natural cosmetics workshops

Workshops on producing natural cosmetics in Villa Greta.

Educational activities in Sudecka Zagroda

Even preschoolers can take part in the workshops.

Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Magical places in the Katshava Mountains.


A group of preschoolers on the playground in Villa Greta.

School trip

A bit of the history of the village and the region before afternoon tea in the café Villa Greta.

Wartościowa wycieczka szkolna
Ceramic workshops Lower Silesia

Ceramic workshops in Dobków. Frequent guests at Mrs. Bogusia’s are school, kindergarten and junior high school groups as well as participants of study visits. She is a successful woman.


Labyrinth in Villa Greta.

Spaghetti bolognese

One of the dishes for children spaghetti bolognese.

Field game

Evening field game.

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