Katshava Mountains

Myśliborski Gorge and Myśliborskie Organ

Myśliborski Gorge – an ideal place for a family walk and Myśliborskie Organ – the interior of the former volcano!


  • The Myśliborski Gorge and the Myśliborskie Organ are one of the most popular attractions of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes – especially on weekends many people come there
  • a walk to both places is possible from the same parking lot in Myślibórz, although to each of the places the walk is in a different direction
  • through the Myśliborski Gorge leads a loop of educational path – 4.5 km of trail through forests (riparian forests, ridges, sour oaks) and a meadow with a beautiful view of the Lower Silesian Lowland
  • in the Myśliborski Gorge you can see the common tongue – a fern very rare in Poland
  • Myśliborskie organ is the interior of a former volcano with characteristic basalt pillars
  • to get to the Myślibórz Organ, go from the parking lot in the direction opposite to the Gorge, go past the Environmental Education Center “Salamandra” (the Center has an offer only for school groups)
  • a yellow and red trail leads to the organ, the passage from the parking lot takes approx. 15 – 20 minutes
  • the possibility of walking with a trolley (preferably inflatable wheels) – only the bottom of the Myśliborski Gorge
  • for visiting the Small Myślibórz Organ you will receive a sticker to the Explorer’s Passport

Frequently asked questions

Myśliborskie Organ

Małe Organy Myśliborskie and Wąwóz Myśliborskie are a good place for a 3-hour family trip.

Myśłiborski Gorge

Most of the route is suitable for walking with a stroller.

Sericite-chlorite shale

One of the attractions of the educational path – the outcrop of sericite-chlorite shale.

Myślibórz Palace

Neo-Gothic palace in Myślibórz.

Small Myśliborskie Organ

Small Myśliborskie Organ.


Myślibórz near Jawor is located on the border of the Silesian Lowland and the Kaczawskie Foothills in the Sudety Mountains.

Hiking in the Kaczawskie Foothills

The path passes right next to the reserve.

Basalt blows

Basalt blows in Myślibórz.

In the Myśliborski Gorge

An old chestnut alley introduces into the Myśliborski Gorge.

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