Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Visiting the Sudeten Educational Homestead

A place that cannot be missed when visiting the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

Price list

  • normal ticket
    35 8.2person
  • family ticket
    110 25.6family
  • children up to 4 years
    free of charge / included

Opening hours / opening dates

  • All year round
  • guided entrances are organized throughout the year on Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00
  • on holidays, holidays and long weekends there are more dates available, check the calendar
  • you can order an individual date for a school group, several families or as an attraction at a company event


Frequently asked questions

Sudetic Geoscience Centre

All mock-ups and models in the Sudeten Educational Homestead can be touched.

Sudetic Geoscience Centre in Dobkov

You will learn about the construction of the river valley on the example of a mock-up with flowing water.

Sudetic Geoscience Centre in Dobkov

On the illuminated mock-up of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes you will get to know the most interesting places in the region.

Sudetic Geoscience Centre in Dobkov

A sphere showing the formation of the Earth and the movement of tectonic plates.

Lower Silesia Education Centre

Earthquake platform – children’s favorite attraction.

Trzęsienie ziemi w Polsce

Największa w Polsce platforma imitująca trzęsienie ziemi!

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