This is the name of the village in which we live

Sudetic village

Dobkow is a typical Sudetic chain village, i.e. located along the valley of the stream.


The church in Dobkow is located in the central part of the village. On the horizon you can see the former volcano – Czartowska Skala (Devil’s Rock).

Farm animals Poland

In Dobkow you will see almost all farm animals. Young turkeys at our neighbor’s.

Dobkow - ceramics

In Dobków there are as many as 5 studios and galleries of ceramicists.

Attractions in Dobkow

All the attractions of the village are marked on maps that are located in different places of the village.

Shrines in Dobkow

There are plenty of shrines in Dobkow. Why? Ask in Greta.

Dobków in autumn


Volcanoes in Poland

The “Three periods of volcanism” viewpoint.

Dobkow - hiking trails

There are 2 hiking trails leading through Dobkow: green and black. You can make a 13-kilometer loop.

Dobkow - colorful bus stops

One of the stops in Dobkow painted by children and young people.

Church in Dobkow

Church of St. Giles in Dobkow.

Sudetic village

Modern interactive museum Sudetic Educational Centre – 500 m from Villa Greta.

Half-timbered house

One of the older houses in the village. With half-timbered structure.

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