Carriage House

An old space for modern challenges

Former carriage house

Carriage House

The carriage house will take you into the atmosphere of the former Sudetic barn. All farm tools and machines were kept here, and hay in the attic. The harsh climate of the interior, the proximity of the garden and the open space take you back to the times of childhood, holidays at grandma’s. You can easily drink coffee here or organize small workshops or events. At the carriage house there is a terrace with a professional barbecue.

Carriage house from the garden side.

Carriage House

Our carriage house in ordinary operation mode. A glass of wine or coffee tastes different here.

Unique places for a wedding

Villa Greta is a unique place for a wedding.

Boho wedding in Poland

The carriage house is perfect for people who like boho style.

Company events in a rustic atmosphere

Trainings and company events in a rustic atmosphere in the countryside.

Workshops with rustic vibes

Workshops in such an enviroment stays in the heads for longer.

Guesthouse Lower Silesia

An old carriage house in an autumn atmosphere.

Company event with training

A company event with training and later a bonfire in an old orchard.

Carriage House

Carriage house from the side of meadows and orchard.

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