Garden in Villa Greta
Restaurant Villa Greta
Unlimited space

Garden and orchard

Around the house

Our garden and orchard attract guests to come for dinner, even from afar. It is mysterious and full of nooks and crannies.
In the garden you will find gazebos, a pergola, tables with parasols and a lot of space to spread a blanket.
Above the garden is a hill with a bench under an old apple tree, and further to the forest line meadows with a beautiful panorama of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.
The children’s kingdom, called a playground by adults, is located in an orchard, where proudly stands an immovable like a castle tower quite a good size trampoline. Here, too, is the entrance to our unique grass labyrinth, which extends to the field above the orchard. Sometimes you will hear – “Five come in, four leave!”

Restaurant garden

Ewelina’s favorite flowers are roses. From June to the end of the holiday, this can be seen at every step.

Bonfire at Villa Greta

Bonfire at Villa Greta.

Frost in Villa Greta

Frost in Villa Greta.

Restaurant garden

A June afternoon in the restaurant garden.

Early summer

Through the pergola you will go out towards the hill with a beautiful view.

Parking and labyrinth in Villa Greta

Labyrinth in Villa Greta from a bird’s eye view.

villa greta walk

Return from a short walk.

Fajzer and Dzoj

Fajzer and Dzoj.


On the hill.

In front of the restaurant

In front of the restaurant from the orchard side.

Carriage House

Carriage house from the side of meadows and orchard.

Arbor in the garden

Arbor in the garden.


Villa Greta’s watchman. And a mascot.

Arbors in the orchard

Arbors stand in an old orchard.

Villa Greta

Pergola in Villa Greta.

Late summer

Late summer.

Walk to the hill

Walk to the hill.

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