Jelenia Gora Valley

Attractions Jelenia Góra

Jelenia Góra – a city with a beautiful old town, the capital of the Giant Mountains.

  • Jelenia Góra is beautifully located at the foot of the Karkonosze Mountains
  • you will learn about the traditions, history and culture of the Krkonoše Mountains at the Karkonosze Museum
  • be sure to also take a walk around the beautiful old town with lots of cafes and restaurants
  • nearby there are Cieplice – a former spa town, today a district of Jelenia Góra – there is a historic promenade, a spa park and a natural history museum and Termy – a swimming pool complex
  • it is also worth taking a walk along the picturesque Bóbr Valley to the Pearl of the West hostel
  • near Jelenia Góra, on the top of the Chojnik mountain stands the majestic Chojnik castle – a very popular hiking destination

Attractions of Jelenia Góra and surroundings

Museum in Jelenia Góra

the Giant Mountains Museum

Karkonosze Museum – interesting and friendly for families with children.

time needed: 1.5 h
Route length: 0.3 km
Giant Mountains, Jelenia Gora Valley
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Schloss Kynast / Chojnik

Chojnik Castle

Chojnik Castle – a fortress towering over the Jelenia Góra Valley.

time needed: 3 h
Route length: 3.2 km
Exceedance: 248 m
Giant Mountains, Jelenia Gora Valley
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Underground of Jelenia Góra

Time Gates

Time Gates, or the Gates of Time, the mystery and history of the largest underground in the Giant Mountains.

time needed: 1.2 h
Route length: 1 km
Giant Mountains, Jelenia Gora Valley
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