Jizera Mountains, Katshava Mountains

Water equipment rentals in Lower Silesia

Kayak, pontoon and pedal boat rentals in Lower Silesia and the Sudety Mountains.

  • there are several rivers in the Sudetes that are great for kayaking and pontoon rafting
  • these include the rivers Bóbr and Nysa Kłodzka
  • Canoeing beaver begins in the village of Nielestno. There are several kayak rentals and pontoon rentals
  • there are also several reservoirs where you can rent sailboats or pedal boats
  • if you like “water” take a look here

Get to know the water equipment rentals

Canoeing on the Bóbr River

Kayaking beaver with Czarek

Canoeing on the Bóbr River. Fun for adults and for families with children.

time needed: 4 h
Route length: 14 km
Jizera Mountains, Katshava Mountains
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