Jizera Mountains, Katshava Mountains

Rental of floating equipment on the Pilchowice Lagoon

Rental of boats, kayaks and pedal boats on the Pilchowice Lagoon.

Price list

  • Weekends
  • pedal boat for 4 persons
    30 7hour
  • kayak for 2 persons
    15 3.5hour
  • 5 seater paddle
    15 3.5hour
  • 5 seater paddle
    80 18.712 hours
  • Days
  • pedal boat for 4 persons
    20 4.7hour
  • kayak for 2 persons
    10 2.4hour
  • 5 seater paddle
    15 3.5hour
  • 5 seater paddle
    60 1412 hours
  • the price list gives the maximum number of crew

Opening hours / opening dates

  • May - October
  • Every day


  • rental offers 4 kayaks, 4 paddle boats and 4 pedal boats
  • it is also possible to rent sailboats and internal combustion engines for boats
  • on weekends it is best to book a boat, sometimes there is a shortage of equipment
  • in the close vicinity there is the Pilchowicka Dam
  • when you get bored with standing waters, jump on kayaks or pontoons on the Beaver River

Frequently asked questions

Horyzont water equipment rental

Horyzont water equipment rental.

Rental Pilchowice

Water equipment rental on the Pilchowice Lagoon.

Pilchowice Marina

A marina with water equipment rental can be found under the historic Pilchowice railway station.

Pilchowice kayak rental

Pilchowice kayak rental at the foot of the railway station.

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