Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Labyrinth in Villa Greta

Labyrinth in the grass in Villa Greta in Lower Silesia in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

Price list

  • Labyrinth in Villa Greta
    free of charge / included

Opening hours / opening dates

  • May - October

The labyrinth is gone about 2 weeks in July, after haymaking :-)


  • the labyrinth in Villa Greta is mowed in a real natural meadow and has an area of approx. 2 ha
  • the labyrinth is part of our playground hidden in the Old Orchard
  • You can use it from May to October with a break for July haymaking, the prettiest is in June
  • The route of the labyrinth is about 2 km, it is not easy to go without cheating :-)
  • the maze begins at the START stamp at the playground in the garden of Villa Greta
  • the end of the labyrinth is at the white pergola on the road to the Apple tree on the Hill
  • the labyrinth has great educational and cognitive potential, children can observe the meadow Microcosm
  • After finding a way out, we invite you for a walk among the meadows to the bench on the hill, the path also mowed in the grass begins on the hill at the apple tree, it is a loop with a length of approx. 2 km
  • In winter, in the place of the labyrinth there is a hill for sledding

Frequently asked questions

Labyrinth of Lower Silesia

Labyrinth in Villa Greta in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

Labyrinth for children

The entrance to the labyrinth can be found in the garden by the playground.


The entrance is just behind the tables in our orchard.

Labyrinth in the grass

Labyrinth is a game that drains the excess energy out of children.

Labyrinth in Dobków

Labyrinth in Dobków.

Labyrinth in the Katshava Mountains

We keep the labyrinth from May to October.

Labyrinth Poland

The labyrinth is located near Villa Greta.

Common sorrel

Along the way, you can try several plants and fruits. For example, meadow sorrel :-)


In the labyrinth. It is not easy to find your way out.

Labyrinth in the open air

The finish line is at the white pergola :-) Good luck!

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