Jizera Mountains, Katshava Mountains

Sudety Trail electric bike rental

Electric bike rental “Sudety-Trail” – an attraction for the whole family.

Price list

  • bike rental
    130 30.3day
  • trailer for a child
    40 9.4day
  • child seat
    20 4.7day
  • transport up to 10 km from Wleń
    50 11.7one way
  • each additional kilometer
    1 0.3km
  • transport of a minimum of 4 bicycles
    free of charge / included

Opening hours / opening dates

  • all year round
  • Monday - Sunday


  • operation of bikes is very simple, just a 3-minute instruction
  • Michał’s rental has electric bikes from Cube and Univega brands
  • for children: attachable bicycle, rear and handlebar seats, trailers
  • bikes are driven by muscle power with the support of an electric motor
  • thanks to the possibility of setting the level of assistance, you can adjust the engine power to your own condition, so that cycling is not too tiring, and on the other hand it is a pleasant physical activity for us
  • people who rarely ride a bike can start with a loop of 40 km, which takes approx. 3h without spins ?
  • Michał recommends routes:
    1. Villa Greta – Helpful – Kondratów – Gozdno– Rzeszówek – Lipa – Villa Greta
    + route length 45 km
    + time approx. 4.5 hours
    + average speed 9.5 km/h
    + degree of difficulty on bikes with a car seat – medium-difficult
    + take the route with Traseo (available in five formats)
    2. Villa Greta – Świerzawa – Lubiechowa – Okole – Modrzewie – Okole – Rząśnik – Villa Greta
    + route length 52 km
    + time approx. 9 hours
    + average speed 5.8 km/h
    + degree of difficulty on bicycles with a car seat / trailer – difficult
    + take the route with Traseo (available in five formats)
    + see the photo report from the route
    + wide road!
  • see also the rental of PREMIUM class electric bikes by Krzysztof ebicykle.pl

Frequently asked questions

Electric bike rental

Only professionals go so high without support.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are a great idea for an active getaway with your family.

Rental of bicycles and child seats

On my dad’s car seat.

Electric bike rental

Sudety-Trail electric bike rental has touring bikes. In the photo on the Pilchowicka Dam.

Bike rental in the Giant Mountains

Electric bike rental is friendly for families with children.

Bike rental in Lower Silesia

Bicycles can be ordered anywhere in the Western Sudetes.

Bike tour

Forest camping on a bicycle trip.

Giant Mountains bike rental

Under Sněžka.

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