Giant Mountains

Skiing in Giant Mountains – Sudety Lift and Ski Arena

Ski Arena Szrenica – a lift to Szrenica and the largest ski station on the Polish side of the Giant Mountains.

Price list

  • Lift to Szrenica (entrance and exit)
  • normal
    65 14.8person
  • Reduced
    40 9.1person
  • One-day ski passes
  • normal
    160 36.4person
  • Reduced
    30 6.9person
  • youth/seniors
    90 20.5person
  • Ticket to the Krkonoše National Park
  • normal
    9 2.1person
  • Reduced
    4.50 1.1person
  • price list with variation for the summer and winter season, the number of hours, you can find here
  • the price does not include the entrance ticket to the Krkonoše National Park, you will have to buy it at the second section of the cable car

Opening hours / opening dates

  • Every day
  • the last entry and exit takes place half an hour before the closing of the lift


  • Ski Arena Szrenica is the largest ski station on the Polish side of the Giant Mountains with 5 slopes with a total length of 12 km
  • in the complex there are 8 ski lifts
    + 6-seater sofa Krkonoše Express
    + 2-seater sofa Szrenica I
    + 2-seater sofa Szrenica II
    + 4 T-bar lifts
    + baby-lift
  • Ski Arena consists of 5 downhill runs:
    + the most popular Pooh, to the top of which you will reach by the lower chairlift Szrenica I, easy route with a length of 1400 m
    + Snowflake – start from the upper station, length of the route 2080 m, difficult route
    + the longest Lolobrygida, start from the upper station, length of the route 4400 m, difficult route
    + FIS route, start from the upper station, the most difficult route, the length of the route 2000 m
    + hala Szrenicka route, very picturesque, wide route located above the upper regel line, route length 650 m, easy route
  • at the bottom station of the lift you will find the full infrastructure needed by skiers
  • the lift to Szrenica is open all year round
  • you can get to the upper station in about 40 minutes
  • in the middle of the route there is a change from the Szrenica I lift to Szrenica II
  • the upper station of the railway is located 20 minutes from the hostel at the top of Szrenica
  • large queues often form to the lift to Szrenica, you can wait up to 30 minutes
  • see other winter attractions in the Sudetes and Lower Silesia

Frequently asked questions

Cable car to Szrenica

From the lower station of the railway to the shelter on Szrenica you will get in about 60 minutes.

Skiing in the Giant Mountains

Ski Arena Szrenica – route map.

Ski lift to Szrenica

The total length of the lift to Szrenica is 2758 meters.

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