Katshava Mountains, Lower Silesia, lowlands

Grodziec Castle

Grodziec Castle – a castle on an extinct volcano.

Price list

  • normal
    28 6.6person
  • Reduced
    23 5.4person

Opening hours / opening dates

  • All year round
  • Monday - Sunday


  • Grodziec Castle is a unique medieval stronghold located on an extinct volcano
  • from the walls and towers you can admire the 360° panorama of the Kaczawskie Foothills and almost the entire western Sudetes
  • the object works on the imagination, especially those of you who are in love with the chivalrous, medieval climates
  • if the guide is not available, use the online voice guide
  • sometimes you will meet real knights at the castle – many shows and events on historical topics are organized here
  • in the courtyard there is a fast-food buffet, for a small fee you can light a bonfire
  • history of Grodziec Castle
  • if you like contemporary art glass, visit the Versus Pati Dubiel Gallery in the village of Grodziec (about 2 km from the castle)
  • for visiting the castle you will receive a sticker to the Explorer’s Passport

Frequently asked questions

Castle in Lower Silesia

The interior of one of the castle chambers.

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