Jan’s Room


  • this room was once the bedroom of Greta and Janek – grandparents of the owners of Villa Greta, read the story
  • Double room with the possibility of accommodating 3 people
  • 2 beds 90/200 cm
  • possibility of placing an extra bed 90/200 cm or a cot for a baby in the room
  • towels, hair dryer
  • WiFi 40 Mbps (optical fibre)
  • window towards the yard; towards the east
  • first floor in Villa Greta
Greta Wittwer and Janek Kowalski

Greta Wittwer and Janek Kowalski. The grandparents of the owners of Villa Greta.

Jan's Room

Jan’s Room.

Jan's Room

In Jan’s room.

Intimate guesthouse

Intimate guesthouse in Lower Silesia.



Intimate guesthouse in the Polish mountains

In Jan’s room, we’ve managed to keep the old larch floor.

Intimate guesthouse in the Sudetes

The décor of Jan’s room comes from the nineteenth century: beams, doors and floors were made before World War II, and today restored with great attention to detail.


Bathroom in Jan’s room.

Rooms with private bathroom

The bathroom in Jan’s room is larger than the bathrooms in the other rooms.

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