Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Explorer’s Passport

Passport of the Discoverer of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Explorer’s Passport is a field game for children and adults.
Explore places, solve puzzles and collect rewards.

1. Start here

Get your free Explorer’s Passport

You will receive your passport at Villa Greta or at the education center – Sudeten Educational Homestead.

Explorer's Passport
Warsztaty w Krainie Wygasłych Wulkanów
2. Have fun and get to know each other

Collect stamps

You will receive a stamp for participating in creative workshops, in the guesthouse / agritourism where you sleep and the restaurant where you will eat a meal.

You can get stamps here

3. Visit interesting places

Collect stickers

You will receive a sticker for visiting the places indicated in your passport. These are the most interesting attractions of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes! You will get stickers in Villa Greta and in the Sudecka Educational Homestead.

Volcano stickers

You will get stickers for visiting these places

Explorer's Medal
4. The prize awaits here

Claim your reward!

For collecting the right number of stickers and stamps, you will receive a medal in the Sudeten Educational Homestead: gold, silver or bronze.

See places on the map

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