Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Sudetic Geoscience Centre

The Sudeten Educational Homestead is a modern multimedia science center dedicated to geology and other earth sciences and the history of the region.

Price list

  • Entrance (self-guided tour)
  • reduced ticket
    10 2.3person
  • normal ticket
    15 3.5person
  • family ticket (2+2)
    40 9.1person
  • Guided tours
  • single ticket
    35 8person
  • family ticket (2+2)
    110 25person
  • children up to 4 years of age, people with disabilities and their guardians
    free of charge / included

Opening hours / opening dates

  • Wednesday - Sunday
  • Monday - Tuesday


  • The Sudetic Geoscience Centre is a modern, interactive museum dedicated to volcanoes, geology and the Land of Extinct Volcanoes region
  • the facility is located in a carefully renovated, former farmstead. It is true that you will not find animals here today, but there will be no shortage of attractions!
  • in the former farm buildings there are educational rooms equipped with models, games, simulations that will help you better understand volcanoes and other interesting phenomena occurring on our planet
  • probably the biggest attraction for children is a platform imitating an earthquake
  • the center can be visited with a guide and independently (we recommend guides! it is more difficult to achieve the educational goal yourself) – see the dates of guided tours
  • workshops are also available:
    + laboratory and ecological
    + travel / ethnographic
  • in the Sudecka Zagroda workshops related to geology and minerals are also conducted by geologist Marcin:
    + workshops of cutting, grinding and polishing Kaczawski minerals
    + mineral exploration workshops
  • see workshop dates
  • there are also workshops for pre-school, school, adult and senior groups, as well as green school programs

Frequently asked questions

Laboratory classes for children

At the Centre, there are organized engaging laboratories for children.

Model of the river

A model of the river. Educators teach on this mock-up why it is not possible to build houses in floodplains.

Jak powstała Ostrzyca – Fudżi Jama Dolnego Śląska

Wybuch wulkanu w Polsce

W Zagrodzie jest obraz, jest dym, jest architektura, dźwięk najwyższej jakości, edukacja przekazywana przez ludzi, którzy kochają to co robią!

Ciekawa wycieczka szkolna

Ciekawa wycieczka szkolna

Plac zabaw w Sudeckiej Zagrodzie

No i coś na rozluźnienie mózgów :-)

Zagroda przed remontem

Sudecka Zagroda przed remontem.

Najciekawsza atrakcja Dolnego Śląska

Sudecka Zagroda Edukacyjna mieści się w starym XIX-wiecznym budynku.

Tablica edukacyjna

A tak oto zwykły mur stał się tablicą z tysiącem informacji!

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