Middle Sudetes

Włodarz Complex – underground city, Owl Mountains

Włodarz Adits – the largest underground of the Riese Complex in the Owl Mountains.

Price list

  • Visiting the Włodarz Adit
  • normal
    30 6.9person
  • Reduced
    25 5.7person
  • Visiting the adit with a train ride
  • normal
    40 9.1person
  • Reduced
    35 8person
  • Cable car ride without sightseeing
  • drive
    15 3.5person
  • reduced ticket is available to children from 3 to 12 years
  • Włodarz adits can be visited by children over 3 years of age

Opening hours / opening dates

  • Every day
  • the last entrance takes place up to one hour before closing


  • the Riese or Giant project is the code name of the largest construction project of the Third Reich, the Włodarz adit is the largest of all the buildings included in the complex
  • underground corridors, bunkers and halls that were built under the Włodarz mountain have a total length of over 3000 meters
  • Hitler himself was very interested in the project, and the activities of the “Riese” complex were top secret.
  • the work lasted there around the clock – it was carried out by workers from the Gross-Rosen concentration camp
  • Włodarz complex is a very popular place among tourists, there are long queues to the ticket offices and extended waiting time for a guide
  • in the basement all year round there are low temperatures (about 8 ° C), do not forget about warm clothes, the tour lasts over 1 h
  • during the tour you will visit the flooded corridors by boat, see many well-preserved exhibits and learn about the history of the place
  • for an additional fee by underground railway you will ride along the educational path
  • if you are intrigued by the mystery of the Włodarz Adit, be sure to visit the underground city of Osówka, the Rzeczka complex and the underground of Książ Castle
  • see other underground attractions of Lower Silesia

Frequently asked questions

Włodarz Complex

In the basement of the Włodarz Complex in the Owl Mountains.


In the corridors of the Riese Complex (Giant).

The Ruler of the Owl Mountain

The tunnels were built in backbreaking conditions by prisoners of the Gross Rosen concentration camp.

Riese Giant

The tunnels are secured with concrete vaults.

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