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Książ Castle

Książ Castle – one of the three largest castles in Poland.

Price list

  • Full day ticket
  • Reduced
    89 20.7person
  • normal
    79 18.4person
  • Visiting the castle with an audio guide and the palm house
  • reduced ticket
    59 13.8person
  • normal ticket
    49 11.4person
  • Night sightseeing
  • purchased online
    69 16.1person
  • purchased at the box office
    74 17.3person
  • tickets can be conveniently purchased online here
  • detailed price list of all attractions can be found here
  • a full-day ticket entitles you to visit the castle with an audio guide, the underground with a guide, the Stallion Herd, the Mausoleum and the Palm House without a guide

Opening hours / opening dates

  • April - September
  • Monday - Friday
  • Saturday - Sunday


Książ is the third largest castle in Poland. This beautifully situated architectural complex is unique in the whole of Europe. The castle is surrounded by a large park and forest with great walking areas.

In the past, it was a meeting place for crowned heads, where the history of the aristocratic von Hochberg family is intertwined with the secrets of World War II…

Under Książ Castle during World War II, Hitler built a whole system of bunkers and adits, the purpose of which is still a mystery. The underground has recently been open to the public.

Visiting the castle can be divided into several independent attractions:

  • visiting the castle and garden in the outer bailey
  • night tour of the castle (see dates)
  • visiting the stud farm
  • visiting the underground
  • visiting the palm house located approx. 2 km from the castle (convenient access on foot by a designated path)

At the castle do not miss the café “Chestnut Terrace” – great coffee and biscuits, by the way greet the owners from Greta :-).

For more information:
+ calendar of events, temporary exhibitions
+ history of Książ Castle

Frequently asked questions

Zwiedzanie Zamku Książ

Widok z tarasów na zamek. Zwiedzanie Zamku Książ, otoczenia zamku i palmiarni zajmuje co najmniej kilka godzin.

Cennik Zamek Książ

W Książu warto przeznaczyć czas na zwiedzanie całego otoczenia zamku: pięknych ogrodów, parku, zabytkowej stadniny koni i palmiarni w Lubiechowie.

Zabytkowy ogród na Książu

Widok na tarasy ogrodowe zamku.

Zwiedzanie zamków na Dolnym Śląsku

Zwiedzanie zamków na Dolnym Śląsku to prawdziwa gratka dla miłośników historii i architektury.

Zamek Ksiaż

Detale z wnętrz pałacu

Ceny biletów Zamek Książ

Tarasy zamkowe są dostępne do zwiedzania od kwietnia do października.


Polecam zwiedzanie zamku z przewodnikiem.

Zamek Książ

Zamek Książ – widok z okien zamku na dziedziniec z okazałą bramą wjazdową

Warto zobaczyć na Dolnym Śląsku

Barokowe wnętrza pałacu.

Zamek Książ

Zamek Książ – największy zamek na Dolnym Śląsku

Książ Castle - Schloss Fuerstenstein

Panorama of Książ Castle in Wałbrzych.

Lower Silesia Castle

At Książ Castle.

The Largest Castles in Poland

One of the castle rooms.

Wałbrzych Castle

Castle in Wałbrzych.

Visiting Książ Castle

Visiting Książ Castle – a beautiful garden.

Night tour of the Castle

The attraction of the Castle is its night tour.

Historic ceiling

Details of the art at Książ Castle.

Castle Garden

The castle is surrounded by a park and a forest. There is a place to walk.

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