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Attractions Złotoryja

Złotoryja – the oldest city in Poland – has had city rights since 1211.

  • Złotoryja, also known as the Capital of Polish Gold, is also the oldest city currently located within the borders of Polish
  • is located at the foot of an extinct volcano called Werewolf (by the inhabitants it is also called Wilczak and Wolf Mountain) – its characteristic silhouette is visible from afar
  • it is worth visiting the restored market with historic tenement houses and fountains, as well as attractions related to gold mining – the Gold Museum and the Adit “Aurelia”
  • for visiting any historical attraction of Złotoryja you will receive one sticker to the Passport of the Discoverer of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
  • on the Złotoryjski Lagoon you can also experience a sports adventure in the Rope Park
  • nearby is Leszczyna – a former copper mining center with an open-air museum dedicated to this history

We recommend visiting złotoryja

Wilcza Góra - sightseeing

Werewolf / Wolf Mountain

Werewolf (Wilcza Góra) – basalt rose and the only longitudinal section of a volcanic chimney in Poland.

time needed: 1.5 h
Route length: 2 km
Exceedance: 80 m
Katshava Mountains
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